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Vivablast is a global industrial assets life solutions provider operating in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and neighboring countries. For more than 20 years, we have been servicing industry leaders in major regional industrial projects from construction phase to maintenance programs respecting international norms and standards. Our vertical expertise includes all industry sectors and particularly oil & gas, power & utilities, marine and manufacturing industries.

With ambition on global coverage, we continuously expanding operations in their SEA markets while staying focused on safety & quality, the corporate values that built our success. >>>READMORE<<<


Our vision is to be the most preferred and trustful solution provider for industrial asset preservation.

As a leading industrial service provider, we are operating for more than 24 years from Vietnam; have been already playing an active role into the sustainable industrial development of Vietnam and several South East Asia Countries where we operate.

As a responsive corporate citizen, we promote safety and ethics in our working and business environments


  • Safety

VIVABLAST is determined to safeguard people’s health and safety, to operate the business safely and to protect the environment. We absolutely believe that all we have achieved is based on the safety of the workforce and the surrounding communities. For us, safety is good for business. We are committed to provide customers with the safest and highest quality services.

  • Excellence

Through systematic and disciplined management, we commit to deliver services excellence to our customers’. VIVABLAST does the job right the first time, every time. We demonstrate our commitment to quality by meeting or exceeding customer expectations and avoiding non-conformities in our daily activities. We commit to continuous improvement.

  • One team spirit

We believe that with the power of a united will, we can reach our goals. VIVABLAST shall always put team successes ahead of individual successes. We trust on each other to deliver on our respective obligations and commit to build further our team capabilities toward greater Safety, Quality and overall excellence in our field.


  We believe business cannot be done sustainably without committing rules of engagement..

 We do business through transparency, loyalty and integrity for the benefit of all stakeholders of our projects, striking a balance between economic growth, corporate social responsibility and sustainable environmental performance.

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Preserving your assets


From construction phase to maintenance programs, shutdowns and outages, we assess, design and execute the right technical solutions, maximizing industrial assets life.


From our base in Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar, we undertake onshore and offshore projects in South-East Asia supporting our customers wherever they invest.


Driven by our core values and code of business conduct, we deliver results-oriented services daily valuing long-term vision and fair partnerships.

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