A wind turbine maintenance strategy plan is essential to avoid expensive repairs and power loss.

Wind turbine is a costly, long-term project that can be compromised if you don’t factor in maintenance. Just like a car needs oil changes or filter replacements, wind turbines also require periodic servicing to retain peak performance. Without regular tune-ups, your investment will be blown away by costly repairs and lost power generation



(Picture: Vivablast approach and excutive coating application by certified rope access (IRATA) employee.)

Despite mechanical variations, turbine maintenance typically involves:

  • Changing oil, belts, bearing lubrication, and air filters
  • Testing and realigning shafts and hydraulic components
  • Inspecting for oil leaks, cracks, and brake pads
  • Torquing tower bolts

Larger turbines have higher annual maintenance costs because their design is more intricate.

These preventive measures are not only cost-effective and easy to schedule, they’ll also greatly extend the life of your turbine and your renewable energy output for years to come.