Belzona Vietnam | VIVABLAST - Belzona Authorized Distributor

Belzona Vietnam | VIVABLAST - Belzona Authorized Distributor

Belzona Vietnam | VIVABLAST - Belzona Authorized Distributor

Belzona Vietnam | VIVABLAST - Belzona Authorized Distributor

Belzona Vietnam | VIVABLAST - Belzona Authorized Distributor
Belzona Vietnam | VIVABLAST - Belzona Authorized Distributor


VIVABLAST is proud to be the exclusive distributor for Belzona materials in Vietnam. Belzona is known as the world's leading polymer manufacturer in providing solutions to repair, protect and improve the performance of equipment and operations in a variety of manufacturing industries (food, chemical, energy, etc).

Belzona Vietnam is widely applied in manufacturing industries

Belzona Vietnam mainly provides cost-effective and safe (not hot work) repair solutions that are easy for us to construct. In addition, this special material boosts repairing damage faster and more effectively to help us operate the production system smoothly. A variety of manufacturing industries are applying Belzona Vietnam as the best optimal solutions thanks to the following outstanding advantages:

  • Non-exothermic
  • Replace traditional repair implementation
  • Faster construction time
  • Shortener shutdown-for-maintenance time
  • Directly implemented at the construction site
  • Resistance to abrasion / corrosion
  • Non-conductive
  • High temperature/high-pressure resistant
  • Extended equipment’s life
  • Prevent leaks

Outstanding advantages of Belzona Vietnam in practical applications

With Belzona® products enabling alternative repair/maintenance solutions that eliminate the need for hot-work, we, Vivablast Vietnam Co., Ltd are readily prepared to propose and engineer the appropriate solutions to be offered to your company for the following:

1. Valves, Pipes & Fitting:

A wide range of cold-curing and epoxy coatings specifically designed to offer outstanding erosion and corrosion protection as well as demonstrating excellent chemical resistance.

2. Gasket, Seal, and Shim:

Usage for the immediate formation of irregular shaped and high strength load-bearing shims used in equipment location or construction projects.

3. Heat Exchangers

Cold curing epoxy products allow for rapid, in-situ application minimizing downtime whilst providing long-term erosion and corrosion protection.

4. Pumps:

Heavily damaged pumps can be restored to their original profile by using Belzona cold-curing. 
Our epoxy reduces further deterioration, increasing pump efficiency and reducing frequent maintenance costs.

5. Tanks and Secondary Containment

Specifically created for the maintenance of storage tanks, high strength quickly 
restore secondary containment areas and damaged concrete whilst providing excellent chemical and impact resistance, as well as compressive strength.

6. Floating Hose Repairs

Ability to protect and return the hoses into serviceable conditions in a prompt and timely manner and refurbish damaged sealing flange faces quickly and without the need for welding and on-site machining techniques. The main advantages are faster, safer, easier, and require no specialized tools.

7. Mechanical Power Transmission

A comprehensive range of solvent-free epoxy designed to repair and prevent 
the common failures associated with mechanical power transmission, and a reliable alternative to welding and also machining techniques strictly required for conventional repairs.

8. Wrapping System:

A new generation repair solution for restoring the strength of corroded, weakened, and holed pipe and tank walls.
This system was engineered for pipe wrap and patch repairs, as an alternative to replacing defective metallic substrates and providing superior strength, corrosion, and chemical resistance.

Why choose Belzona Vietnam?

Belzona is the world's leading manufacturer of polymer materials for the following purposes: Repair - Restoration - Coating on metal, rubber, concrete surfaces; protection against corrosion, and abrasion.
Belzona Vietnam's pioneering approach is to ensure leadership in industrial maintenance, and to provide innovative solutions for large and small projects.
Belzona's Global Engineering Team has grown into a worldwide network. Each distributor has a team of well-trained technical consultants.

Please email us! Thank you for your interest in the products and services of Vivablast Vietnam Co., Ltd. We are always ready to listen to any comments and requests from our customers. We try to answer your request promptly.

Contact us:
Mr. Nghia Tran
Hotline: +84 937 950 002
Address: Road No. 2, Binh Chieu Industrial Park, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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