We secure and protect plants and equipments in construction, as well as maintain operating industrial assets with professional intergrated solutions and specialty services.


Our vision is to be the most preferred and trustful solutions provider for industrial assets preservation.

As a leading industrial services provider operating for more than 20 years from Vietnam, we are playing an active role in sustainable industrial development of Vietnam and we will continue. As a responsible corporate citizen, we promote safety and ethics in our working and business environments.


Vivablast intends to focus its market to Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.In a further future, Iran, Midle East Asia and Africa will be our next talented markets with priority:

– Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar

– Iran and Midle East Asia

– Africa


Vivablast safety firstSafety

Our Teams deliver performance in challenging working conditions.

Since protecting their life is our top priority, we enforce international HSE standards through regular training.

Our solutions are designed for long-term performance. We strive to respect the environment in everything we do.



Ethicsvivablast Ethics

We believe business cannot be sustained without committing rules of engagement. We do business through transparency, loyalty and integrity for the benefit of our projects’ Stakeholders.

We challenge ourselves everyday to meet our customer’s expectations.

We serve our customers with passion, valuing spirit of entrepreneurship motivating our teams since Vivablast’s foundation.




Managed by experienced Expatriates and Vietnamese, our professional Teams are trained to deliver an excellent asset life solutions. We care for quality in everything we do.