Drone Applications

Unmanned Aerial solutions are the ideal platform for serious professional work.
Learn more about the ways our products are being deployed to do real work around the world.

Benefit from UAV- / drone-based inspection & monitoring.

With only one flight mission, you receive still, thermal and all relevant information such as time stamp, position and alignment for easy processing.
Permanent control and overview with the Mobile Ground Station thanks to HD live images.
Automated 3-D flights (trajectories) can be exactly (absolute or relative) reproduced. Ideal for inspections of several objects of identical construction.
Improve your analysis processes with high-quality, synchronized, quickly processible images and actionable data.
Program your flight paths in advance or save an accomplished perfect flight path for the next inspection for exact comparison.
Detect finest hairline cracks, heat leaks or drops in performance within a few minutes and to the exact millimeter.
Our in-house manufacturing is our promise of quality – made in Germany.
Less staff requirement with more safety. Traditional methods like industrial mountaineering and height works with scaffold services or helicopter operations involve high risk and are cost-intensive.
Less time required. Quickly airborne. Quick live image analysis. Immediately processible data.
No loss of production.
UAV / drone-based on- & offshore inspection of oil and gas platforms.
UAV / drone-based inspection of infrastructure like bridges, roads, railways, power lines & equipment, viaducts, subways, tunnels, level crossings, dams, reservoirs, retaining walls etc.
UAV / drone-based inspection of wind farm & power stations.
UAV / drone-based inspection of solar park & PV modules.
UAV / drone-based thermal energy efficiency inspections.
UAV / drone-based inspection of drilling rigs, pipelines & transmission network.
UAV / drone-based asset & utility inspection.
UAV / drone-based operation in preventive action or emergency cases.