Wind Power Solutions

People have been using the power of the wind for more than 2 millennia. It was raising the sails of the ships, grinding grain at windmills and pumping water.

Taming the wind and using it for the human benefit became even more effective since the discovery of electricity. Now the wind along with the water and the sun serves for electrical power generation of various scales: from private use to major power plants.
Being one of the world’s fundamental elements, the wind inspires innovative technology giving birth to a clean source of renewable energy that reduces our reliance on fossil fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

Vietnam possesses large wind energy potential due to its climate features and long coastline. In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to energy production, the Vietnamese government aims to significantly increase the renewable energy quota in the yearly power production of the country.

VIVABLAST is a forward-thinking company ready to support renewable energy development in Vietnam by providing the best wind power inspection & maintenance strategy plans and service execution of seasoned technicians who are trained and certified by International Organizations such as IRATA, GWO, GWA.

We, VIVABLAST, guarantee our commitment to International standards of Quality and Safety, and clients’ specifications.

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