Multidirectional Scaffolding

RL 3

VIVABLAST has recently upgraded and applied a new technology of scaffolding, notably used for Shutdown periods of Power Generation Industries due to its advantages:

  • Faster to erect
  • Safer to execute
  • Fewer manpower needed to construct

This new technique is perfectly suitable to be applied for:

  • Turbine Cleaning
  • Insulation Installation
  • External wall coating

VIVABLAST scaffolders are trained and qualified under International Standards by professional trainer.

Our scaffolding specialists efficiently implemented for the very first time this versatile scaffolding method during the short yearly outage of a Power Plant in 2018. Using this technique to support the external wall coating works helped VIVABLAST team to finalize the job before the scheduled deadline and to exceed our client’s expectations.

We, VIVABLAST, guarantee our commitment to International standards of Quality and Safety, and clients’ specifications.

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