OEM Turbine Flexible Pillows Insulation

Vivablast provides CAD designed flexible insulation pillows made from fiberglass tissues and insulation materials for valves, flanges, piping & all types of industrial equipment requiring regular access & maintenance.

On clients demands, our expert technicians select the most suitable materials to manufacture the insulation pillows with state-of-the-art computer controlled production facilities and make sure the insulation system fits accurately even when it meet complex profiles.


  • Our OEM system are all approved insulation system by Manufacturer
  • Higher insulation quality to reduce the heat flow
  • Possibility to dismantle any individual insulation jacket (One-layer system)
  • Fast and easy access to measurement points and electrical equipment
  • Reduction of the outage time
  • Often reusable without any additional costs
  • World wide spare parts availability within three to seven working days
  • 24h/24h Supervisor Service world wide
  • Possibility to exchange the full insulation in a short outage
  • Full detailed documentation, drawings and records

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