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Code of business conduct


We believe business cannot be done sustainably without committing rules of engagement.

We do business through transparency, loyalty, and integrity for the benefit of all stakeholders of our projects, striking a balance between economic growth, corporate social responsibility, and sustainable environmental performance.



1. Caring for people and environment

Health and safety for our Teams first.

We promote a safe work environment.

We strive to achieve zero harm to environment.

4. Handling information

We promote fair and transparent communication.

We respect confidentiality.

2. Basic behavior

We respect elementary basic Human Rights.

We comply with laws and regulations.

We prohibit corruption and bribery.

We strictly control gifts and donations handling.

5. Attitude on project site

We care for our Clients’ properties as if they are ours.

We enforce our Client’s Codes of Business Conduct.

We promote Team spirit and a positive attitude.

3. Relation with third parties

We prevent conflicts of interest. We value respect and honesty in our relationships and partnerships. We promote transparent communication. We ensure our Business Policy is also respected all along the supply chain.

6. Sustainable corporate development

We are all ambassadors of Vivablast’s professionalism and reputation.

We handle Company assets in a safe and long-term vision.

We constantly train our Team to international business standards.

We enforce internal compliance at all levels.


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