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Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Vivablast proud to be a business’s CSR can encompass a wide variety of tactics, from giving away a portion of a company’s proceeds to charity, to implementing “greener” business operations.

There are broad categories of social responsibility that Vivablast today is practicing:

1. Environmental efforts: 

  • VivaBlast strives to provide positive contributions to our community, our environment, and our business by continuously improving environmental performance and focusing on sustainable development.
  • VivaBlast commits to comply with local environmental regulations, pursue an optimal utilization of resources with the objective to reduce waste, minimize pollution.

2. Philanthropy:  

  • Vivablast has been contributed money to K.B.B.V Association Brittany for culture social by anticipating BRITTANY event every year.
  • Vivablast shows our sympathies by giving donations in cash and kindness towards the Eastern Japan Earthquake Victims.
  • Vivablast also becomes Platinum’s sponsor of the Heart Institute charity. The fund helps operation of cardiac surgeries for deprived children suffering from heart diseases.

3. Ethical labor practices:

  • Vivablast expects from all of its employees and directors that they carry out their business and perform their duties to the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all relevant legal principles. This standard of behavior and performance is maintained in the company’s dealings with employees, customers, suppliers, and all other partners.
  • Vivablast and its employees will at all times demonstrate the highest levels of integrity, truthfulness, and honesty in order to uphold both personal and corporate reputations and to inspire confidence and trust in their respective actions. The company will conduct its business in a competent, fair, impartial, and efficient manner.

4. Volunteering: We are able to express our concern for specific issues and support for certain organizations.

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