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Commercial Executive

No: 01 – Deadline: 30/04/2024

Department:    COMMERCIAL




  • To promote Vivablast services and solutions in Vietnam & South-East Asia

In this regard, it is necessary to understand Vivablast:

  • Organization and people
  • Specialty services and integrated solutions
  • Production capacities
  • Internal and external processes from prospect identification to contract signature
  • Past projects and history
  • Marketing and commercial strategy (promoting its competitive advantages)

It requires:

  • A strong networking strategy with external stakeholders
  • A deep knowledge of Vivablast’s markets specificities and way of doing business in Vietnam
  • A continuous business intelligence focus
  • Capacity to perform relevant and efficient commercial actions (telecoms, emails, letters, meetings, etc.)
  • Capacity to adapt to and communicate with all types of personalities and nationalities
  • Conducting meetings, discussions and negotiations with senior professionals



  • Report to Commercial Head.
  • Cooperation with almost all departments of Vivablast




  • To identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Vivablast markets in order to determine most efficient corresponding actions and objectives, with ultimate objective of maximizing Vivablast market penetration and services value.
  • To identify new markets opportunities basing on regular and deep analysis of market demand.
  • In cooperation with BOM, to determine the best marketing strategy to secure and improve current Vivablast turnover.
  • To develop and regularly update efficient marketing tools in line with marketing strategy.


  • To enlarge customer portfolio and secure/increase turnover made with each customer already contracting with Vivablast.
  • To advertize Vivablast through proper information on company activities and technical recommendations, in cooperation with QA/QC, Estimations and BOM.
  • To build and develop a local and international network of People with key responsibilities and influence at all levels of Vivablast different markets (political, investors, contractors, etc..).
  • To maximize sales.


  • To develop targeted potential services such as environmental cleanings (ECS) which include CO2 dry ice cleaning and water jet cleaning.
  • To be in charge of all projects related to ECS from building offer, finalizing contract, project preparation & management, post-project maintenance.
  • To build technical background to apply/ improve ECS performance through projects.

Safety regulations:

  • Compliance with safety regulations, not in violation of safety regulations
  • Recognise and resolve hazards according to relevant procedures
  • Does not create health risks, safety for others and affect the environment
  • Full compliance with safety instructions



To implement whatever tasks BOM assigns commercial and marketing executives to do regarding sales and marketing.







University degree (Master degree in management or engineering).At least 2 years of relevant experience in construction services or related sectors, in preference in Vietnam or Asia.Management (marketing/commercial/business) with a technical background.– Strong interpersonal skills

– Strong communication skills

– Advanced analytical and writing skills

– Can work independently but strong team spirit

– Must be highly motivated and sales-focused

– Keen to learn

– Computer literate

If you want to apply for this position, please send your updated CV to this email address:

Thank you!

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