Commercial Executive

No: 01 – Deadline: 30/04/2023

Department:    COMMERCIAL




  • To promote Vivablast services and solutions in Vietnam & South-East Asia

In this regard, it is necessary to understand Vivablast:

  • Organization and people
  • Specialty services and integrated solutions
  • Production capacities
  • Internal and external processes from prospect identification to contract signature
  • Past projects and history
  • Marketing and commercial strategy (promoting its competitive advantages)

It requires:

  • A strong networking strategy with external stakeholders
  • A deep knowledge of Vivablast’s markets specificities and way of doing business in Vietnam
  • A continuous business intelligence focus
  • Capacity to perform relevant and efficient commercial actions (telecoms, emails, letters, meetings, etc.)
  • Capacity to adapt to and communicate with all types of personalities and nationalities
  • Conducting meetings, discussions and negotiations with senior professionals



  • Report to Commercial Head.
  • Cooperation with almost all departments of Vivablast




  • To identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Vivablast markets in order to determine most efficient corresponding actions and objectives, with ultimate objective of maximizing Vivablast market penetration and services value.
  • To identify new markets opportunities basing on regular and deep analysis of market demand.
  • In cooperation with BOM, to determine the best marketing strategy to secure and improve current Vivablast turnover.
  • To develop and regularly update efficient marketing tools in line with marketing strategy.


  • To enlarge customer portfolio and secure/increase turnover made with each customer already contracting with Vivablast.
  • To advertize Vivablast through proper information on company activities and technical recommendations, in cooperation with QA/QC, Estimations and BOM.
  • To build and develop a local and international network of People with key responsibilities and influence at all levels of Vivablast different markets (political, investors, contractors, etc..).
  • To maximize sales.


  • To develop targeted potential services such as environmental cleanings (ECS) which include CO2 dry ice cleaning and water jet cleaning.
  • To be in charge of all projects related to ECS from building offer, finalizing contract, project preparation & management, post-project maintenance.
  • To build technical background to apply/ improve ECS performance through projects.

Safety regulations:

  • Compliance with safety regulations, not in violation of safety regulations
  • Recognise and resolve hazards according to relevant procedures
  • Does not create health risks, safety for others and affect the environment
  • Full compliance with safety instructions



To implement whatever tasks BOM assigns commercial and marketing executives to do regarding sales and marketing.







University degree (Master degree in management or engineering). At least 2 years of relevant experience in construction services or related sectors, in preference in Vietnam or Asia. Management (marketing/commercial/business) with a technical background. – Strong interpersonal skills

– Strong communication skills

– Advanced analytical and writing skills

– Can work independently but strong team spirit

– Must be highly motivated and sales-focused

– Keen to learn

– Computer literate

If you want to apply for this position, please send your updated CV to this email address:

Thank you!

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