Store Accountant

No: 01 – Deadline: 15/11/2022


Department:  Maintenance – Store

No:  01


  • To carry out the assigned tasks.
  • To implement HSE internal regulations.


  1. WORK RELATIONSHIP: Under the supervision of the Maintenance – Store Manager and the Storekeeper.


  1. DUTIES:

      a) Employee in charge of Paint Warehouse:

  • To be responsible for input and output paint quantity for daily work of two workshops in Binh Chieu and all sites.
  • To check material quality (paint, thinners, cleaners…) back from all sites.
  • To control paint quality delivered by suppliers.
  • To record daily activities of the Paint Warehouse. (input-output quantity)
  • To report output and in-stock paint to the BOM periodically (daily, each half month, and at the end of the month)
  • To update input items for coating and output finish products (i.e. Elf Gas bottles, steel structures)
  • To clean up the Store every day.

     b) Employee in charge of equipment, tools, and materials distribution:

  • To distribute materials and tools already checked by Maintenance Department, as per material requisition of paint workshop/sites approved by Logistics Department.
  • To issue materials and personal protection equipment (PPE) to the newcomers/or as per job requirements / periodically – To withdraw PPE of resigned workers.
  • To input temporary machines and equipment, tools back from sites by quantity, then to hand over them to the Maintenance department for checking their working condition prior to repair them (if necessary). Finally, to draw up official store input for only machines, tools, and equipment in good condition. Those in bad working condition (damaged) have to impute personal responsibility of the users.
  • To clean up the store.

     c) Employee in charge of repairing & new built wooden tools (carpenter)

  • To carry out all repair work and newly built wooden tools, furniture as per requirements of the Maintenance – Store Manager/ Storekeeper.
  • To carry out other miscellaneous tasks related to wood.
  • To clean up the store.

     d) Employee in charge of general cleaning

  • To keep the premises clean (no leaves, rubbish in the yard, around the walls and workshops).
  • To care for trees, parterre (pull grass, water plant, cut and prune branches).


  • To report assigned work and difficulties (if any).
  • To suggest reparation, replace damaged tools, machines, and equipment or in danger of damage.
  • To submit new work methods to make better improvements.


Grade 9/12


           No needSpecial training at work as per assigned duties (HSE, vocational course, knowledge in paint, chemical & equipment…)

English and computer skills suitable for job


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