The Global Wind Organization (GWO) training standards define the requirements recommended by GWO members. By complying with GWO’s standards and criteria, certified providers are considered competent and proficient.


The GWO training courses in the GWA training center in Vietnam are provided in coordination with Global Wind Academy (Denmark). This is an independent training provider that offers related training for the wind industry including Basic Safety Training (BST) and Basic Technical Training (BTT).

Introduction of the GWO training center – VIVABLAST from Vietnam

Global Wind Academy from Denmark and VIVABLAST from Vietnam have signed an agreement for the opening of a GWO Training Center in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

In 2018 the cooperation between Global Wind Academy and VIVABLAST started up. Since then Blades training was made in 2019 and in 2020 the first GWO Safety training was made in Vietnam.


VIVABLAST Group CEO, Boris Vivares informed: “In Vietnam, we have seen a huge request for GWO training, and we find it natural to be part of building up domestic competencies for the Wind Industry. Our strategy is to provide GWO Safety training and also the new GWO Technical training modules. Our facilities will soon be ready for the GWO training and our plan is to open the Global Wind Academy Center on November the 15th, this year”.

In Ho Chi Minh all preparations for starting up the training Center were finished as planned, buildings, facilities, equipment, processes, etc. The first training course was successfully conducted which covers four training subjects which are Work At Height, Manual Handling, First Aid and Fire Awareness. All candidates passed the tests and received the official Global Wind Organization certificates.

At VIVABLAST training center, there are two main GWO courses: BST and BTT.

1. GWO BST Safety course:

The BST is a GWO standard safety and risk awareness training course dedicated to the employees working in the wind industry. The BST confirms the acquisition of the basic knowledge and skills needed to work in the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) environment.

The purpose of this BST Module is to enable Participants to manage safely and efficiently in WTG industrial environments, in line with GWO standards through theoretical and practical courses.

GWO BST scaled

2. GWO BTT Technical course:

The BTT GWO standardized training course on engineering work in a Wind Farm. This is an entry-level course that does not require previous experience in hydraulic, mechanical, or electrical, although those with experience in those fields can update and improve their knowledge, especially since this course is dedicated to the Wind Industry.

GWO BTT scaled

After completing the GWO training course from GLOBAL WIND ACADEMY (Vietnam), what will you get?

GLOBAL WIND ACADEMY (Vietnam) is proud to be the first certified provider of GWO training in both Vietnamese and English languages.

For more information about these courses and registration, please access this link: and contact us:



The pictures below are from the construction of the training center:

Anh trong bai viet 8

Anh trong bai viet 9

GWO ART scaled