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Hydro power

As a renewable source, humankind has made use of the power of water move to generate electricity for so long time. Since then, the development of hydropower and the number of hydropower plants built have been increasing steadily in order to supply enough electricity to domestic demand and also support economic development.
Vivablast has been engaged in Power Industry since its inception. We have improved and ably provided Hydro solutions which have a wide range of services such as all kinds of surface preparations and coatings (including engineered coating repair), scaffolding (BS1139 & Ringlock), cleaning works, fabrication…


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Anti-corrosion solution is one of the key expertise of Vivablast. For Hydro Power, we design our own technique to perform this solution according to the power plant’s conditions and structures (including external and internal surface), notably hydraulic pipeline.

Vivablast technical team ensures that each step of the working process is performed as per the best industrial coating practices and international standards.


Vivablast provides a designed ringlock scaffolding solution to be erected internally adjusting to each area of structure. Before erection at site, our team executes survey, design, and practise along with make risk assessment in order to provide flawless work at site.

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