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Wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering

Polluted Water & Sludge Treatment and Dewatering Services by VIVABLAST

Utilizing cutting-edge technology, like our containerized MICS ASIA: MOBILE INDUSTRIAL CLEANING SERVICES systems and Kemira sustainable chemicals and treatment products, we currently supply Polluted Water & Sludge treatment solutions throughout Vietnam. In fact, there are also over 3000 of these systems currently being used on 4 continents!

VIVABLAST delivers Polluted Water & Sludge treatment solutions in Vietnam, for a wide array of industries such as: palm oil industry, chemical industry, wastewater treatment plant, septic tank.

  • Palm Oil Industry in Malaysia
  • Chemical industry: Poland, Germany
  • Wastewater treatment plants: Chile, Spain, Germany, UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary
  • Application for wastewater treatment tanks (septic tanks) in countries such as Denmark, Belgium, France, New Zealand, Ghana, India, Togo, and Thailand. In fact, MICS has served more than 300 customers from 44 countries since 1978, applying more than 3,000 machines.

Our approach is providing the Wastewater & Sludge Treatment solutions at the lowest OPEX

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In Vietnam, the majority of domestic and industrial wastewater is discharged back to the environment and polluting the country’s surface water. Too much sludge, humidity, rejected water quality level, and unusual increases in OPEX (operational expenditure).

Using this highly competitive technology is the answer to lowering the cost of wastewater & sludge treatment for industries and avoiding an ecological disaster in Vietnam. These systems offer: 

  • Lower implementation and ongoing operating costs than most other popular treatment solutions.
  • They are a greener and more sustainable way of managing your wastewater!

Benefits of Industrial Wastewater & Sludge Treatment services by VIVABLAST

  • VIVABLAST’s wastewater & sludge treatment solutions allow valuable waste to be reused.
  • Accelerate wastewater management towards a sustainable future. With a leading well-trained technical team from VIVABLAST and Kemira products, this wastewater treatment system meets all the strict standards by the domestic environmental authorities and EU certification. Thanks to the significant volume reduction and raw waste generated, the cost of transporting hazardous liquids is significantly reduced.

VIVABLAST applies modern technology to the wastewater & sludge treatment process

Our technology for industrial sludge treatment is known as “WWTF (wastewater treatment plant) Doctor Machines”, MICS (mobile industrial cleaning service) units are optimized versions of the common dewatering bow and are extremely versatile.

  • It can treat all kinds of liquids such as coal ash, metal contamination waste, detergent waste, paint mix liquid, petroleum soil, and all oily waste
  • It can do all this while providing excellent reduction benchmarks against the strictest EU legislation for water treatment.

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How are Vivablast’s wastewater and sludge treatment technology conducted?

MICS ASIA – Mobile technology cleaning service prepares the chemicals, pumps the sludge, mixes and pushes this mixture into the filtration box until it reaches a minimum of 30% dryness, finally, ultimately producing clean water. With a capacity of 27m3 of dry sludge, it allows you to dewater and reduce your volume using gravity and without any mobile parts.

Mobile Industrial cleaning service models are versatile in size and position, making them highly compatible with many types of Industries (30 to 00 m3/h). This solution can be placed in many steps of WWTP (wastewater treatment plant) and thus reduce the charge of its treatment. Septic tank waste volume is also reduced from 1000m3 to 00m3 of dry matter.

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wastewater and sludge treatment VIVABLAST

wastewater and sludge treatment VIVABLAST

wastewater and sludge treatment VIVABLAST

wastewater and sludge treatment VIVABLAST

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tài liệu xử lý bùn thải công nghiệp VIVABLAST


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