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Access Service

VIVABLAST rope, drone, and platform access solutions allow us to utilize the safest and most efficient solution for access to inspect and maintain your assets within minimal downtime.

Rope Access

VIVABLAST Rope Access specializes in the inspection, repair, and maintenance of utility-scale wind turbine blades and towers – both onshore and offshore, using industry-leading rope access capabilities. VIVABLAST rope access teams provide expedient and cost-effective service without requiring lifts or cranes to complete most work. All rope technicians are IRATA, GWO, and GWA certified and committed to professionalism, quality, and exceptional customer service.

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Platform Access

We at VIVABLAST offer our clients the supply and rental services of the most advanced techniques in the wind turbines approach, which is the SQYFlex™ technique. We use platforms for more complex and time-consuming tasks. This allows us to work at the same spot for a longer time and to carry more tools with us.

Our engineers are fully trained in all aspects of this technique, from safety procedures to maintenance. Our employees are highly qualified, with extensive experience in their respective fields. The platform’s flexibility also allows us to perform maintenance on any type of turbine without having to dismantle it completely!

Furthermore, we provide training for our customers so that they may be able to operate these tools on their own after our departure from their facilities.

SQYFlex™ is a brand new approach to blade access, where the platform adapts to the contours and dynamics of the blade. The result is a high-quality cutting experience unlike anything else on the market.

Key features:

  • No assembly and disassembly on site;
  • 360° blade access and tip-to-tower reach of 16.2 meters;
  • Maximum wind load of 14 m/s and payload of 550kg;
  • Weather protection and LED lights;
  • Change platform shape optimal working position;
  • Access the whole blade

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/ Drones/ Crawlers)

At VIVABLAST, we provide unmanned access solutions for wind assets in at-height, confined space, and subsea locations in the wind energy industry. VIVABLAST deploys these equipment mainly, which enable to access hard-to-reach locations, where damages often go unnoticed in between irregularly-scheduled inspections.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/ Drones/ Crawlers) have proven to be a successful alternative to current methods of turnaround planning, infrastructure inspections, and environmental monitoring.

UAVs offer a more cost-effective way to conduct inspections that would otherwise be difficult or impossible for humans to perform. By using UAVs, inspectors are able to inspect difficult-to-reach areas in addition to performing routine maintenance checks on equipment and infrastructure that may otherwise go uninspected.

The process of inspecting an area with an unmanned aerial vehicle is simple: an operator uses a remote control device or app on their phone to pilot the drone over the desired area. The operator can fly the drone close enough for inspection or take photos from high above for a bird’s eye view. The data collected by the drone can be used for analysis by engineers and managers alike.

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