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Aerodynamic Upgrade Packs

Vivablast is one of the preferred installers of Anakata’s Upgrade packs, given their high standards and reputation, knowledge, and understanding of the wind industry in Vietnam.
Anakata’s upgrade packs are tailored to optimize any wind turbine’s aerodynamic performance. The upgrade packs combine profound knowledge and experience of the wind industry with leading aerodynamic engineers who conquered Formula 1 to deliver the best upgrade parts.


The key to products is understanding complex three-dimensional airflows and designing parts to be fitted onto wind turbine blades to improve energy capture. The success of these packs has been validated by customers who have independently verified that our packages have delivered > 5% uplift energy.

The Anakata’s upgrade packs generally consist of a 3D Tip Booster and a combination of effective bespoke inboard devices such as Anakata 3D Vortex Entrainers and Anakata Notched Lift Tabs.
In collaboration, Vivablast’s technicians, trained by Anakata, will correctly install Anakata’s upgrade packs quickly and to the highest quality standards. All parts are installed with the blades in situ, either via ropes or mobile platforms.

Now, we are offering superior, innovative packs for a range of populous turbines below:

  • Vestas V90 3MW/ 2MW
  • Vestas V80 2MW
  • Vestas V52
  • Siemens 2.3 CS/ 2.3 VS
  • SWT 3.6 – 107Siemens 3.6 – 120
  • Gamesa G90
  • Dongfang 1.5MW 80m
  • Dongfang 4.5MW – 156D
  • Mingyang 1.5MW 80m
  • EWT DW61 – 61m D
  • Goldwind S50
  • Senvion MM92 (developing)
  • Nordex N90 (developing)
  • Vestas V164 (developing)
  • Gamesa G114 – 2.5 (developing)
  • Siemens SWT 6.0-154 (developing)

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