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Burial, De-burial & Seabed Clearance

VIVABLAST is pleased to be the partnership with Rotech Subsea Limited (“ROTECH”) and IEV Group (“IEV”) to localize ROTECH’s suite of technologies in trenching, excavation, burial/backfill, de-burial, and seabed debris clearance for pipelines, cables, amongst. The ROTECH jet trenching and excavation systems have been employed in over 500 projects worldwide since 1994 in various industries from Oil and Gas to Renewables.

The technology is based on the principles of producing a controlled column of water, the pressure of which fluidizes the seabed and effectively excavates a trench. It is a non-contact system that minimizes the risks associated with physical contact, especially around complex subsea assets.

We offer solutions in controlled flow trenching, excavation, burial/backfill, deburial, and seabed debris clearance for:

  • Cable Array and Export Trenching / De-burial;
  • Cable Joint Burial / IRM;
  • Pipeline, Umbilical & Flow line Trenching / De-burial / Recovery;
  • Backfilling for Cable / Pipeline Protection;
  • Jack-up Leg / Spud Can Clearance;
  • Harbour / Pontoon Seabed Clearance;
  • Sand wave Clearance / Cable & Pipeline Route Clearance;
  • Salvage De-burial / Access;
  • Access to Subsea Structures / IRM / Decommissioning;
  • Drill Cuttings Removal;
  • Rock Removal / Relocation & Dispersal

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