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Installation Support

VIVABLAST and our partners provide full-scope erection/installation services to large and small wind projects, for onshore, near shore, and offshore in familiar with all major OEM Quality Documentation. We understand that these are an integral part of the installation and handover process; this is vital in ensuring contract compliance for the developer and maintaining the turbine manufacturer warranty for the turbines.

With our highly-skilled teams of engineers and full construction equipment, we are committed to carrying out essential in-depth planning to ensure a successful and safe installation.

List of Installation services we offer:

  • Mechanical Installation;
  • Electrical Installation;
  • Component unloading and handling;
  • Major cranage;
  • Support cranes;
  • Technical supervision;
  • Specialist Consulting and Technical services;
  • Condition Assessment;
  • On-site logistics movements;
  • Manpower supply;
  • Rope access teams

We aim to provide full turn-key installation for wind projects from your current location to any site in Southeast Asia and beyond at competitive prices.

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