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Wind Blade Services

We offer a complete package of blade services to match your needs. This package includes everything from inspection, cleaning, and coating to complex structural repairs application of leading edge protection technologies. Our focus lies on safety, quality, flexibility, and having the right people with specialized competencies. Combined with our vast experience, this makes us your ideal partner for blade repair and service.

We have been working with wind blades for many years and have developed a comprehensive knowledge base and a network of highly skilled specialists who can deliver high-quality work across all blade service and repair areas.

We provide an unrivaled level of expertise in our field, which can help you make informed decisions about whether or not your blades need repairing or replacing. We will also give you options for any new components required for your wind blades so that you know what to expect when we have finished our work. We use only high-quality materials to ensure that any repairs we make are durable enough to last for many years to come

Wind Blade Inspection

Blade inspections are becoming an integral aspect of prevention and maintenance. VIVABLAST is able to deliver a fast and effective inspection service to conduct a detailed analysis of all damages to the wind turbine blades. We use a range of visual inspection methods, including rope access technicians, drone access, and crawlers for both internal and external blades. Our blade inspection service provides fast, efficient, and produces accurate, repeatable images and reports for you to keep your site working as economically as possible.

Inspection services are available on a wide range of wind turbines, and our technicians are trained to work on all types of blades. This enables us to quickly assess any damage or defects in your blades and recommend any necessary repairs or replacements. Our reports include clear images of all visible defects so that you can easily understand what needs doing and when it needs doing.

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Wind Blade Repair

We are specialized in offering quality wind turbine blade repair services that help to extend the service life of wind turbines, enhance their effectiveness and minimize turbine downtime. Combining multiple access and a highly-skilled, a fully-certified team of technicians, VIVABLAST supports you with a range of blade repairs as below:
Lightning strikes repairs;
Leading edge repairs;
Structural repairs;
Internal repairs;
Trailing-Edge repairs;
We have experience in all blade models and understand their characteristics and what is required for long-lasting repair.

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Wind Blade Cleaning

When you’re looking to maximize the efficiency of your wind turbine, regular cleaning is key.

With our complete wind turbine cleaning service, we’ll come out and clean your entire turbine, including the blades and towers. We use environmentally friendly cleaning fluids during this process that does not allow for harm to the local flora and fauna. A regular wind turbine cleaning is recommended to renew airflow efficiency to factory quality. In order to reduce your costs, it is possible to synchronize the cleaning of your turbine with the regular inspection or services scheduled.


Inspection and replacement of lightning protection systems

VIVABLAST is able to deliver inspection and replacement services, which ensure the health of the Lightning Protection System (LPS), to minimize risks of downtime caused by a lightning strike. We have a significant client base who have seen their return on investment (ROI) following the successful delivery of proactive inspection, testing, and replacement processes.

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Repair and installation of blade protection and aerodynamic systems

At VIVABLAST, we’re a partner of Anakata, a company that designs aerodynamic upgrade packs to increase Annual Energy Produced (AEP) up to 5%. We are the preferred installer of Anakata’s upgrade packs in Vietnam and the ASEAN region by highly. All parts are installed with the blades in situ, either via ropes or mobile platforms.

We offer repair and installation services for blade protection and aerodynamic systems.

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