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Wind Tower Services

VIVABLAST is able to provide a full scope of maintenance services for wind turbine towers. We assist our clients in building utility-scale wind turbine towers in addition to offering wind turbine inspection and repair services, including preventative maintenance. Our teams are trained in professionally maintaining and restoring this part to satisfactory working conditions.

Wind Tower Inspection

VIVABLAST offers comprehensive wind turbine tower inspections which identify any failures and potential safety hazards conducted by rope access technicians or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Our wind turbine tower inspections cover a wide range of defects, including welding defects, coatings issues, and mechanical damage. Along with conducting wind turbine tower inspections, we offer actionable reports which help you to improve your wind farm maintenance.

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Internal and External Cleaning

We carry out the complete cleaning of the wind turbine tower by using environmentally friendly cleaning detergents to achieve a high level of cleanliness.
As a leading Rope Access provider in the wind industry, our technician team can easily reach difficult access points, both internal and external, to thoroughly clean them out of leaked oil, dirt, or grime.

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Wind Tower Paint Repairs

When it comes to paint repairs and corrosion protection, we’ve got you covered.
We know that the durability of your tower depends on the quality of its paint and coatings. Our technicians work with you to ensure that your tower’s welded joints, tower flanges, and tower segments are in tip-top shape. This can include anything from rustproofing to applying specialized coatings. We’ll work with you to identify the appropriate coating application for your needs before any work begins.

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Mechanical and Maintenance Service

When your wind tower needs to be repaired, it’s important that you have a team that can get the job done with minimal downtime and cost.

VIVABLAST has provided turnkey services for the maintenance and mechanical repair of wind turbines. Our experienced technicians are multi-disciplined rope access technicians who can perform both inspection and maintenance services, including:

  • Bolt Torque Testing and Tension;
  • Bolt Replacement and Extraction;
  • Bus Bar Repair and Replacement;
  • Ladder Repair and Replacement;
  • Deck Replacement;
  • Yaw Lip Seal Replacements;
  • Blade Shroud Replacements;
  • Cable Slack Repair;
  • Bearing Seal Replacement

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