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Green Solutions

In order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions related to energy production, Wind power are being developed and Wind-farms are being built. Vivablast has been engaged in Power Industry since inception. To keep up with this global trend, since 2016, we have provided Wind solutions which have a wide range of services such as Rope Access, BAP Access, Blade/ Tower/ Foundation Repair, Inspections.
The GWO training is created by the Wind Industry, for the Wind Industry. Members are globally leading turbine manufacturers and owners, representing a majority of installed wind energy capacity around the world. Together, they share risk information and expertise to create training standards that improve safety and build a competent workforce.
VIVABLAST's solar energy services include: solar installation, solar system installation, Rooftop solar. Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power everything on earth.
As a renewable source, humankind has made use of the power of water move to generate electricity for so long time. Since then, the development of hydro power and the number of hydro power plant built have been increasing steadily in order to supply enough electricity to domestic demand and also support economic development.Vivablast has been engaged in Power Industry since inception. We have improved and ably provided Hydro solutions which have a wide range of services such as all kinds of surface preparations and coatings (including engineered coating repair), scaffolding (BS1139 & Ringlock), cleaning works, fabrication...
VIVABLAST is the global solutions provider in industrial asset preservation and industrial wastewater solutions. We offer the best of both worlds: extensively tested European technology combined with technical teams based in Vietnam.
Pipes from DN50-DN300Underground pipingMain to side branch junctionsPreparation for inspection, reparation and leak detectionHard to reach areasDirect control of cleaning sequences
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