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Steel Fabrication and Installation FAQs

Steel Fabrication FAQs Answered! Get all your questions answered about steel fabrication in our comprehensive FAQ section.

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Where can I get quality metal fabrication service?

Back in 2017, Vietnam has made it to the top 20 world’s largest steel-producing countries when it produced 11.5M tons of steel and ever since, the metal economy in this country has witnessed exceptional growth. Hence, Vietnam is considered an excellent location for any foreign business to invest in. For projects of various sizes, from small to big, metal fabrication service is indeed very essential and one of the top brands that provide quality metal fabrication service in Vietnam is Vivablast.

With 28 years of operating and still counting, Vivablast provides professional integrated solutions and specialty services tailored for steel fabrication and installation in projects, construction and infrastructure. What makes Vivablast stand out is thanks to great organizational capabilities as well as reasonable financial capabilities to undertake industrial projects with a large teams of highly trained steel fabricators, rich in operational experience both locally and internationally.

Vivablast is positioned to provide the highest level of quality workmanship through the dedication and skill of in-house fabricators. Moreover, our fabrication facility utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to handle every aspect of steel fabrication.Our facilities include:

  • Steel Beam Assembler
  • Overhead Cranes 10 tons, 5 tons, and 1.5 tons capacity
  • 300 tons Hydraulic Press
  • 3 Hydraulic Punch and Shearing Machinery
  • Radial Arm Drilling
  • Bandsaw – cold saw
  • Cutting – cropping
  • Pipe and Section steel Rolling
  • Oxy Cutting Equipment
  • Arc, Mig, and Innershield Welding
  • Process Steel cleats and fittings including plasma cutting and laser cutting

In order to provide excellent steel fabrication solutions for our clients, Vivablast has been enhancing the fabrication capability in both facility and experience.

In addition, we are well-versed in fabricating equipment, notably Gas Exhaust System and Non-pressure parts, with the support of our fabrication partners. We proudly hold the industry’s most coveted quality certifications, including:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AISC (Complex building fabrication)
  • CWB (shops and welders)
  • AWS (shops and welders)

And also have capabilities in:

  • ASME Section I (Stamp)
  • ASME Section VIII, div1 (U Stamp)
  • ASME Section VIII, div2 (U2 Stamp)

All scopes are executed in compliance with international standards (latest ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001) and the client’s specifications.By choosing Vivablast, your business will gain a lot of benefits.

Firstly, we have a group of skilled fabricators that can create high-quality crafts.

Secondly, we can provide the best consultation for your projects and constructions thanks to our experience gained throughout many years working in the industry.

Thirdly, we have all the resources needed to make things work, be it the technology, facilities or manpower. Last but not least, cost-saving. By choosing an outsource steel fabricator like Vivablast, your company won’t have to spend a hefty amount into investing on equipment, machinery as well as finding a team of skilled workforce. This will not only reduce expenses but also time-saving as well.Over time, Vivablast has succeeded as a reliable subcontractor for many International & Domestic companies by delivering our professional services to such prestigious companies as PIRIOU, JGCS, Technip, KNOC, Metacor, PTSC groups, Vietsovpetro, etc. with great passion.

Structural Steel Fabricators in Australia Vivablast A cost effective alternative 1

Is sheet metal fabrication expensive?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a precise answer for this question. This is because the cost of sheet metal fabrication process involved a lot of stages combined. Each stage will have varied prices depends on the demand of the clients / customers and the difficulty of the project.To break it down, sheet metal fabrication costs can be deciphered by factors such as:

  • Installation Pricing

This pricing often include expenses such as Getting the required licenses or permits for installation, Buying safety gear for installation, Hiring skilled professionals and Transportation fabricated parts to the installation site.

  • Raw material costs

In order to make sheet metal fabrication, you’ll first need the raw material. The choices vary from aluminium, brass, copper, steel, tin to nickel and titanium. Each material will have different price tag and depend on their thickness that material cost and labor cost will also be affected. Another thing to keep in mind that the costs for raw material can also change due to circumstances like inflation, transportation and supply chain too.

  • Cost for customized work

For sophisticated and customized project, sometimes either manual or mechanical labor is required. In some cases, both are required. More often, customized sheet metal required a very highly-skilled fabricators and could also include certified welders, professional assembly technicians, etc. in order to craft the work with high attention to details. For an even more precise product and a faster outcome, CAD/CAM software can also be used in the fabrication process and will need experts to use specialized tooling and equipment.

  • Cost of machining

The sheet metal fabrication process can include a lot of step to produce the end product. The steps can be coating, cutting, welding, bending, etc. Each step will required a specific machinery and equipment to do the work. The fewer the cuts, welds and bends needed for your project, the lesser the expenses.

  • Design complexity

As the name has suggested, the easier material your material is made, the lesser the expense. On the other hand, if your project has a complex design, it will take more steps and time working to create the end product, resulting in a higher price.

  • Final delivery cost

All in all, sheet metal fabrication can start from a basic of $300 up to $4000; depends on the client’s requirements and all of the factors listed above.

What are the benefits of structural steel fabrication?

Structural Steel Fabricators in Australia: Vivablast: A cost-effective alternative

Structural steel is what made most of the things in our modern life. It is used for construction purposes, creating transmission towers, turbines, pipelines, etc. You name it! The reason why structural steel is among the top material used within the manufacturing as well as construction industry is because they offer a lot of benefits, even long-lasting ones too, such as:

  • Eco-friendly, sustainable and durable

The world we are living now is moving towards the goal of protecting nature for future generations using clean and sustainable products, materials, etc and steel is categorized within the list. As part of the solution to a cleaner environment, structural steel is not only eco-friendly but also sustainable and durable too!

Firstly, steel is recyclable and it also has a low carbon effect which helps in greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to this feature, steel is considered a very “green” material as businesses can recycle and reuse steel over and over again, noting the fact that steel loses none of its strength or other physical properties even after repeated recycling. This has helped big time in reducing a large amount of industrial waste discharged into the environment!

Secondly, steel is very durable since it has the ability to withstand the wear and tear of weather conditions, even the fiercest storms. In fact, steel doesn’t catch fire so you won’t have to fret about any flames incidents. The material is so strong and durable that it can help resist various types of accidents that could possibly damage other materials.

  • Cost Savings

Inflation can cause fluctuation in price volatility, resulting in a rise in bids and everything related to the construction will cost higher than they were before.

Choosing structural steel for your next project will help reduce its overall cost and enhance its value. By using steel, you can save up a lot on the budget as steel prices have remained stable and affordable for big and small businesses thanks to 4 principal factors: its price, shipping costs, durability and future construction development.

Structural steel is normally priced by weight and as of November 2022, steel prices in general continue to move lower with hot-rolled steel reaching roughly $626/ton and cold-rolled steel at around $879/ton.

In addition, structural steel is relatively lightweight compared to other types of framing, which helps big time in reducing the shipping cost.

Not only that, structural steel also has great durability as it is regarded as one of the toughest and most durable building materials out there. The value of steel does not only show in the present but also in the future if and when a project will be modified or expanded. Then, steel framing systems can be reconfigured and expanded into new shapes since they are highly adaptable.

  • Time-saving

With pre-fabricated structural steel, the construction process will proceed faster since the process of cutting, welding, and fastening is no longer required on-site.

Resulting in a reduced timeline and also in hours of labor significantly. Once the construction’s frame and envelope are completed rapidly, skilled trades can focus on completing the rest of the work more quicker.

The faster the construction is built, the quicker businesses can start generating revenues and contributing to the economy.

  • Safe

Surprisingly, steel doesn’t catch fire, ignite nor spread flames. In addition, when used in construction and building, stainless steel fabricated parts are resistant to pests such as termites. In some cases, it can be resistant to rust and corrosion when properly coated.

Thus, steel can also be cleaned easily is mold resisted. Thanks to this feature, you can easily spot stainless steel fabrication projects in the medical and food service industries.

Who are the top steel manufacturers / fabricators in Vietnam?

According to the World Steel Association, in the phrase of 2017-2018, Vietnam was one of the fastest figures when it comes to metal production with the output increased by nearly 40%; peakreached a record high of 14.1M tons of metal produced in the country.

Since then, the metal industry has been on a great track and many big names within the nation appeared. The top 5 largest metal manufacturing companies in Vietnam of 2022 include:

  • Viet Nhat Steel Factory
  • Hoa Phat Steel Factory
  • Pomina Steel Factory
  • Viet Duc Steel Factory
  • BMB Steel Factory


Through this article, Vivablast has provided you some of the information regarding the topic of “Steel Fabrication and Installation FAQs”. We hope this article can provide you with helpful insights and pieces of information. If your company and business needs further consultation for your upcoming project in Vietnam, contact Vivablast today!

About Us

Vivablast was founded in 1994, as a 100% foreign-owned company with an ambition to become the most preferred and trustful service provider for industrial assets protection in Southeast Asia.

Over the past two decades, Southeast Asia experienced rapid economic growth with significant investments in industrial facilities, equipment, and infrastructures of Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Marine, Power Generation & Manufacturing sectors.

Hence, Vivablast has succeeded as a reliable subcontractor for many International & Domestic companies by delivering our professional services to such prestigious companies as PIRIOU, JGCS, Technip, KNOC, Metacor, PTSC groups, Vietsovpetro, etc. with great passion.

Our innovative system of mobile blasting & painting workshops can be mobilized anywhere in Southeast Asia for all major projects and infrastructure sites, which has performed very well during Vietnam’s first refinery project – Dung Quat followed by Vung Ang 1.2 Power Plant project and the biggest Oil & Gas complex in Vietnam – Nghi Son Refinery.

In 2014, Vivablast landed in the soils of Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia to capture the growing demands of customers at any time and anywhere.

Over 28 years of steady deliberate growth, we feel confident and proud of our team and their capacities to play a vital role in the multi-disciplinary industrial services provider.

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Vivablast is a company that offers surface preparation and industrial painting solutions for various industries such as oil and gas, marine, construction, and mining. Some of the solutions they offer include abrasive blasting, hydro blasting, tank cleaning, industrial coating, and passive fire protection.

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Vivablast is a global provider of industrial asset protection solutions in Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and surrounding countries. Vivablast is a 100% foreign-owned Company accredited ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 by Bureau Veritas with offices and setup over South-East Asia. Since 1994, we have been servicing industry leaders in major projects from construction phase to maintenance programs. Our vertical expertise includes all industry sectors, particularly: oil & gas, power & utilities, shipbuilding, mining and manufacturing. We design and deliver professional services to preserve our Clients’ assets sustainably, through efficient and reliable specialty services and integrated solutions.

Vivablast is committed to sustainability and social responsibility. The company aims to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives, such as implementing environmentally friendly technologies and reducing waste. Additionally, Vivablast has programs in place to support its employees, their families, and the communities in which they operate. The company also supports various charitable organizations and encourages its employees to participate in community service activities.