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Which methods do anti-corrosion contractors use to protect construction?

Anti-corrosion contractors have been receiving a lot of attention as the result of the increasing demand for anti-corrosion in industries. So, what exactly is this service? What benefits do they bring, and what solutions do they provide? Shall we find out in the following article?

Anti-corrosion contractors and their services: The overview information

In the below content, we will answer the question of what anti-corrosion is, what causes corrosion, and what an anti-corrosion contractor is. Regarding that, the article will discuss why corrosion-resistant contractors are important and which industries require this service. Finally, some anti-corrosion solutions will be recommended for your constructions by contractors in general and VIVABLAST in particular.

What is anti-corrosion? What are anti-corrosion contractors and their importance?

First of all, we will have a brief definition of anti-corrosion. The meaning of Anti-corrosion is used or intended to prevent corrosion on metal surfaces. They are also related to technologies applied to minimize the negative effects of corrosion on the construction. But what exactly causes corrosion? Basically, metal corrodes when its chemical reacts with a substance such as oxygen, hydrogen, electricity, even dirt or bacteria. Corrosion is another phenomenon that can occur when a metal surface is cracked due to high pressure. 

Anti-corrosion contractors are companies that specialize in anti-corrosion construction for a wide range of projects. They will be in charge of evaluating, consulting, and providing appropriate solutions before moving forward with construction. Reputable units will have additional inspection and warranty policies after the project is done. The reason why anti-corrosion service has become popular is that no construction owner has a technical team, which may be a waste of human and financial resources. In addition, anti-corrosion contractors also have more experience and have been exposed to more corrosion problems, so they will have the most suitable solution for each case.

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Which are the advantages of having an anti-corrosion contractor help you with the corrosion issue?

An anti-corrosion coating can help prolong the lifespan of the metal structures. From harsh off-shore, industrial to chemical environments, the structures will be protected from corrosion with strong and sustainable coatings. It can help reduce the negative effects of humidity, saltwater, and chemicals.

On the other hand, the damage of poor corrosion protection can cost you billions to recover. Costs also go with loss in production, health, safety, and more complicated issues. Anti-corrosion contractor also helps you reduce the repair costs in the future because they can help prevent serious damage from occurring. When structures face corrosion issues, the operations are shut down which leads to increased loss. 

3 solution suggestions from anti-corrosion contractors for your structures and projects

There are a lot of corrosion protection methods available in the industry. However, we will introduce you to the 3 most widely applied corrosion protection technologies nowadays:

1. Simple barrier coatings

This might be the easiest and cheapest solution to prevent corrosion. This method uses coating from paint, plastic, or powder including epoxy, nylon, and urethane, to make a cover on a metal surface as a thin film. The special chemical component will help protect the structures from being corroded. 

2. Thermal coating

Thermal or metal coating refers is the thermal spraying method. This is the most common technology used by most anti-corrosion contractors. This technology transforms solid materials such as powder, wire, rod, drug core… into a high-energy material stream to melt the material and turn it into the form of a fine mist to create a coating on the surface.

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3. Hot-Dip Galvanization

This method dips steel into molten zinc to create a bonded alloy coating as protection. Despite being used for centuries, galvanization still has a big disadvantage, that it can’t be done on-site. It means that the companies must take equipment out of work to be treated. 

With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, Vivablast is one of the most professional anti-corrosion contractors, which focuses mainly on providing clients with highly efficient corrosion prevention services with international quality materials. We are offering all kinds of surface preparation and coatings, as well as consultants and solutions to meet the top criteria from clients. One of the most chosen solutions for us is thermal spray coating, which is applicable to a variety of sizes, construction properties, and industrial fields, from typical civil construction to offshore works. You can take a look at our jetty pile protection for marine works for more information.

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In conclusion, anti-corrosion is a measure that is not only necessary but also especially essential in protecting and prolonging the lifespan of a variety of works, from civil to industrial production. And anti-corrosion contractors act as a useful companion, helping factory and construction owners to find a solution to their worries about metal corrosion. If you are looking for a reputable anti-corrosion construction unit in Vietnam, VIVABLAST is a worthy choice. 

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