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Boiler Tube Repair – Definitions and what is the best solution for each case

Boiler tube repair is the process of changing the product or a part of the product for better performance. Because of high temperature, dust, calcium, magnesium, iron, and silica in the raw water can damage a boiler or even Oxygen and CO2 can be the cause of corrosion damage boiler tubes over time.

There are a lot of advantages of water tube boilers, one of them including the need for higher steam pressures, higher steam generation rate, and superheated steam. If there are errors, the product can’t work as usual. It is necessary to replace or repair the boiler tube to operate like the new one. So what is the best solution for each case of boiler tube errors? Find out below!

What is boiler tube repair definition and when will you need it

You need to take boiler tube repair when there is some failed action of the boiler tube like quick start-up or flame impingement,  excessive waterside scale or fireside soot, and there’s poor water quality/treatment when it comes out from the boiler tube. For each error, we have each solution for the best repair performance.

1. Boiler tube repair and the benefits of a re-tubing solution

If only the tube is the problem that boiler tubes can not operate efficiently, the best solution to this situation is to change a part of the product. In this case, it is changing the new tube. This solution helps extend the useful service life of the boiler, avoiding unscheduled downtime from failing boiler tubes that may delay the progress and restore boiler efficiency.

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2. Recommending boiler tube repair ways for each basic error cases

There are some basic error cases that happen to the boiler tube in the industry. But the 3 main kinds of errors below usually happen in the industry. Boiler tube repair works better if you understand the errors clearly.

Let’s see what it is and the best solution for each kind of boiler tube broken.

2.1 The pump runs but doesn’t pick up liquid

Due to the open suction pipe causing air to enter. The solution for this case is you should carefully check the punctured part of the suction pipe, open the contraction joints, and elbows, the duct tape is not tight, and open the threaded joints, thread seals, especially pump seals can be damaged. In this case, you need to fix or replace the part of the product to use casually.

2.2 Boiler tube pumping up the water then slowly losing pressure

The second case that needs to take boiler tube repair is the lack of water in the pump’s pipeline. Due to water leakage, the water source is weak. It could also be due to insufficient capacity. Moreover, the bearings and pump seals are damaged, they make a loud noise and the pump’s performance is reduced, leading to the water source being weaker than normal.

2.3 Boiler tube repair when there are unusual sounds from the machine

Due to the failure of the pump motor or the friction between the rotor and the stator, or the weak power supply, the motor makes a loud noise. An unstable power source such as a sudden increase or decrease leads to unstable motor operation.

3. The criteria of material for boiler tube repair selection

The boiler tube repair is a process that needs skilled workers to complete. So if you have to do this kind of work, make sure that you have professional qualifications. If you don’t please hire a constructor to ensure the result and safety for this process. Moreover you have to choose the materials carefully for the success of repair.

– Don’t use old or cheap materials because this is a long-term and worthy investment.

– Choose the materials that suit the temperature of the works.

– Consider space limitations and difficulties before doing repairs.

– Bring aesthetics.


Boiler tube repair is the action that helps the process work efficiently and reduces the cost of buying new products. To do this process, you have to understand the product and the errors. There are a lot of contractors that provide this kind of service. If you don’t know how to do this, using a contractor’s service is a good choice.

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Choosing a professional and reputable service provider and solution consultant is an essential first step for your system to have the most optimal insulation solution. At VIVABLAST, we offer a full range of insulation materials with advanced construction methods. Our team of experienced technicians will thoroughly evaluate your system and offer the most effective – economical – safe Boiler tube repair solution for you.

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