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Why is CO2 industrial cleaning an ecofriendly solution?

CO2 dry ice cleaning is an industrial cleaning method that can overcome the common problems of previous traditional cleaning methods. In addition, this method provides superior surface cleaning and stands out in limiting the generation of secondary waste, so it is very environmentally friendly.

1. The basic definition of CO2 dry ice industrial cleaning methods

CO2 dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide. There are many ways to produce dry ice, the most common of which is using specialized machines+. According to this production process, CO2 dry ice will be cooled at -78.5 degrees Celsius, and then the CO2 molecules are locked into a denser form like snowflake crystals. CO2 does not exist as a liquid under atmospheric pressure, it forms as a solid, although it is still a gas. CO2 dry ice is also used for many different purposes such as creating smoke effects, draining water from sunken ships…

The working principle of dry ice industrial cleaning technology is as follows:

  • Solid CO2 molecules move at supersonic speed from the CO2 catapult and come into contact with the surface to be cleaned.
  • By reacting to cold temperatures, the dirt and the surface to be cleaned shrink at different rates, creating cracks in the surface of the dirt.
  • From the cracks, dry ice molecules penetrate the dirt layer and contact the surface of the underlying material.
  • The warmth of the surface causes CO2 to turn into a gas.
  • A layer of gas forms underneath the dirt and creates tiny explosions that remove the dirt from the material’s surface.

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2. Characteristics that make CO2 industrial cleaning an eco-friendly solution

Today, the CO2 dry ice industrial cleaning method is chosen by many businesses because of its safety and environmental friendliness. This method also helps us save a lot of costs as well as natural resources.

2.1 Industrial cleaning with CO2 dry ice help saving water and reducing water pollution

Most traditional industrial cleaning methods use large amounts of water to clean machinery and equipment. This amount of water after the cleaning process can be contaminated with chemicals and dirt, becoming toxic waste in the environment. Meanwhile, with the CO2 dry ice cleaning method, we hardly need to use water. This not only helps businesses save water but also contributes to reducing environmental pollution.

2.2 CO2 industrial cleaning does not release harmful chemicals or additional emissions to the environment

The CO2 dry ice cleaning process is made from recycled carbon dioxide, so no new gas is generated. Although a small amount of CO2 will be released into the Earth’s atmosphere, it will dissipate as soon as it comes into contact with the surface to be cleaned. This gas is entirely harmless to the environment and does not cause the greenhouse effect.

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Therefore, industrial cleaning with dry ice is recommended as an alternative to traditional cleaning methods because of its environmental benefits. This approach helps businesses demonstrate responsibility to the community and the environment by not using chemicals and creating no additional waste after cleaning. At the same time, companies will save a significant amount of money on the drying process, waste treatment, and environmental fines that may occur when using other methods.

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2.3 CO2 dry ice industrial cleaning method helps businesses save operating fuel

As mentioned above, CO2 dry ice will evaporate on contact with the material’s surface to be cleaned, so no drying process is required. This helps users reduce energy consumption significantly. Besides, the industrial waste treatment process will sometimes require more energy than the cleaning process. However, with this method, users do not have to worry about consuming additional unnecessary energy.

Industrial cleaning with CO2 dry ice can overcome many unnecessary disadvantages of traditional methods. Besides, this method helps businesses save a lot of costs, contribute to environmental protection and limit a large amount of waste. However, companies should look to professional service providers to ensure efficiency after cleaning.

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