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Learn about cold galvanizing – a convenient and economical metal protection solution

Metal corrosion is a leading hazard that threatens the quality of metal structures. The advent of anti-corrosion and protection solutions has become a savior in the use of metals. In anti-corrosion solutions, cold galvanizing is the first choice to help protect metal surfaces from rust and corrosion and create a coating with high aesthetics.

Cold galvanizing – definition, classification, and outstanding advantages

Protection solutions have become an indispensable product in metal constructions. Cold galvanizing is a popular solution in civil and industrial works with anti-corrosion properties, to protect materials structure effectively, economically, and conveniently. So what exactly is the definition of this method? What types and advantages make cold galvanizing painting popular?

1. What is cold galvanizing? Learn about the meaning and characteristics of this paint

Cold galvanizing painting is commonly known as cold galvanizing. This is a zinc-rich coating that protects metal materials from the harmful effects of corrosion and harsh environmental conditions such as sun, rain, salt mist, temperature… The use of this paint is to increase the life of metal structure, particularly steel structure.

Besides the protective ability, the product can also create an aesthetic paint layer with many color options to both decorate and protect civil works such as fences, iron doors, and light poles, etc. Cold galvanizing painting gives the surface an ideal coating, has a beautiful shine with color, is resistant to yellowing, and is weather resistant.

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2. Classification of cold galvanizing coating: one-component zinc paint and two-component zinc paint

Currently, there are two most popular types of cold galvanizing coating on the market, they are one-component and two-component painting:

  • One-component cold galvanizing coating: Produced based on two main bases, Alkyd and Acrylic. This kind of coating has medium adhesion on the surface of materials. They are mainly used in civil applications, not subject to harsh weather conditions. However, single-component paint also has many advantages, such as low cost and ease to use, and no need to use a primer. Moreover, it can apply directly on the surface and also does not need to mix paint.
  • Two-component cold galvanizing coating: This is a high-class epoxy painting consisting of two components mixed together with an appropriate ratio. This coating provides a protective surface with high thickness and durability, which is effective to extend the life of the material. This galvanized coating cost is higher than a single-component paint one. Also, thanks to the above advantages, the two-component cold galvanizing coating meets the project’s needs that require high durability and can withstand harsh weather.

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3. Outstanding advantages of cold galvanizing coating – the ideal solution for metal works

The cold galvanizing coating is ideal compared to other metal coating lines. They possess many outstanding advantages in meeting various needs in many different fields:

  • The cold galvanizing coating has a very diverse color palette, suitable for many projects and uses.
  • Many products are easy to apply, do not need to be mixed, and do not require experienced technicians to do.
  • The cold galvanizing coating has a fast drying time, and the painting process is independent of weather conditions.
  • Cold galvanizing has effective resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and harsh weather conditions. Some products also have anti-friction, resistance to force, and anti-peeling properties. Thereby protecting and prolonging the life of the works.
  • The product can also cover the defects on the material’s surface, creating a shiny, durable, and highly aesthetic coating for the works.

Currently, there are numerous types of zinc-based paints (sơn mạ kẽm) with various compositions and characteristics, each of which is suitable in a certain application and application specifications.

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Cold galvanizing coatings are really a high-quality solution for corrosion protection, delivering considerable benefits to buildings. It is economical and workforce, provides comprehensive and practical safety, and is visually attractive. In addition, the zinc coating industry is becoming more diversified and constantly evolving to fulfill the requirements of customers.

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