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Components of Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) and how to install the system

Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) gradually replaces the dominant position of popular types of structures such as frame scaffolding, Cuplock scaffolding, etc., with extremely high safety levels, tight links, solid keys, and properties science ensuring construction progress for projects. Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) system is chosen by many contractors in large-scale projects, requiring a high level of safety. So is the installation of this scaffolding simple? This article will show all components and how to install Ringlock (COBRA).

Installing Ringlock Scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding): Main components and installation procedure

Ringlock Scaffolding COBRA Scaffolding)  is considered a scaffolding system with a simple structure with fewer installation components. However, the installation must ensure the proper process and the right way to create a solid, stable, and effective working structure. Before exploring the standard Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) installation process, let us look at the key components that make up this most secure scaffolding system.

1. Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) components: The essential components that make up Ringlock

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COBRA Scaffolding is a scaffolding system with a modular approach for industrial and construction applications. Because Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) is made up of fewer main components, it uses less material and takes less time to assemble. The following are the major components:

  • Vertical Post: Vertical scaffolding posts are available in a range of sizes to accommodate any building. The vertical post is also known as standard.
  • Horizontal Ledger: The cast end with the captive wedge is used to attach ledgers to vertical standards. This connection is powerful and prevents the possibility of loose components.
  • Diagonals: Diagonals come in different Ledger lengths and lift heights. Similar to Ledgers, diagonals attach to the asterisks via a built-in wedge connection.
  • Truss Ledgers: A truss ledger strengthens the scaffold and supports the additional weight.
  • Braces: The cross brace gives stiffness to the scaffold by connecting to the asterisk with a rotating molded end and wedge. They can be employed as guard rails in stair systems or other load-bearing parts and support the side of the scaffolding structure.
  • Base Jacks and Base Collars: The stand jacks are the first component of the Ringlock system to be assembled and contain a pivot for height adjustment. They provide the stability of the structure of the platform.

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In addition, the Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) structure has other components to help create complete systems, meeting the needs of each construction project. These include steel decks, access decks, stairways, planks, storage racks & baskets.

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2. Important notes to know before performing Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) installation

Although the scaffolding system is easy to install and requires little labor, the process of installing Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) structures also needs to keep in mind essential issues to achieve the best results:

  • Installation should be carried out by qualified and experienced personnel.
  • Carry out the planned installation of the structure and follow the sequence of the process steps.
  • Workers or people involved in the erection of scaffolding must be equipped with safety equipment, including warning boards, warning ropes, safety shoes, reflective vests, helmets, safety belts. …
  • It is necessary to check the overall components of the scaffolding before proceeding with the assembly.
  • Fully prepare components, components, supporting tools according to the structure diagram before installation.
  • During installation, do not use damaged or defective components.
  • It is necessary to evaluate the construction site first. If there are problems such as landslides, soft soil will have a timely solution.

The contractor regularly evaluates the progress and efficiency of Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) installation work, and this both ensures progress and helps to detect problems early in the construction process.

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3. Simple installation process: The process of installing Ringlock scaffolding

The process of installing Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) according to the available diagrams and plans goes through the following steps:

Prepare and treat the surface and plane of the Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding)  installation area.

Carry out leveling, surface treatment as best as possible, levelling and firming the scaffolding erection area. The Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) installation area must be far from power lines, keep a minimum safe distance from front to back and height.

For soft ground, depending on safety requirements, nature of work, and a load of the scaffolding, it is possible to pour concrete or cement at the scaffolding erection area. For the ground that cannot be handled with flatness, slope, and slope too large, depending on the actual terrain, there are measures and methods to take.

Arrange the jack feet pads and arrange the scaffolding jack feet according to the predetermined scheme.

Before positioning the jack-up and down, we must first set up the pads underneath to avoid the scaffolding structure from being harmed by soft ground subsidence. The pads have a minimum length sufficient to install two piers of the Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding)  system.

Following the installation of the base pads, the crew installs the jack legs, which may be adjusted according to the length and breadth of the previously authorized design. It’s essential to keep in mind that the spacing between the Vertical posts should not exceed 2 meters

Install the main Ringlock supports to the jack base.

Secure the base jacks and base collars firmly on the same plane. Repeat the installation of Vertical posts, install horizontal and vertical braces to latch the floor, and ensure the struts.

It is necessary to fully install the verticals and braces, not to remove components just to save materials when not needed. After attaching the braces for the first class of scaffolding, we use a hammer to lock the joints, then use a water ruler to increase and decrease the jack legs to ensure the most balanced Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) system.

Install cross brace and floor Planks

Install the diagonal braces according to the previous design drawings to increase the system’s stability, then install the Planks to perform the erection at higher positions.

Install scaffolding ladder, console Ringlock. etc if any. Continue to install the scaffolding rows for the first pillar system. Repeat the above steps for the 2nd and 3rd tiers until the desired structure is achieved.

Above is the basic installation process to own a safe – stable, and effective Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) structure. Erection is made quite simply with fewer tools and components required. As a result, significant cost, time, and labor savings are achieved. However, it is necessary to make sure to understand the notes as well as the implementation process and regularly monitor the work. Of course, you will need a reputable service provider to perform all the above stages most optimally.

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