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How is CO2 cleaning used in industrial cleaning solutions?

The benefits from CO2 cleaning methods seem to be no longer strange in the manufacturing sector, especially in industrial cleaning. Today, we will provide readers with basic knowledge, as well as the benefits this method brings to users.

How does the CO2 industrial cleaning work to clean machine systems?

Typically, cleaning with CO2 dry ice, commonly known as Carbon Dioxide gas, is performed in three distinct ways, which are outlined below.

1. CO2 cleaning is an industrial cleaning method that works through the Pellet Kinetic Effect

This is an industrial cleaning solution based on the Peller Kinetic Effect, which reflects the operating velocity of CO2 particles to clean industrial equipment. The particles in the CO2 dry ice will penetrate the surface of the material and then come into interaction with the bottom surface. The solid CO2 will be “sublimated” and converted back into a gaseous state, create tiny explosive beams, and remove the dirty layer in the equipment.

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This cleaning method from CO2 is highly effective, to remove tough stains and long adherents on the surface. In particular, this industrial cleaning method will not harm or corrode the surfaces of machines and equipment.

2. Industrial cleaning by dry ice with thermal shock effect

The dry ice can break the bonds between the material’s surface and the dirt at freezing temperatures. This effect creates cracks between the coatings quickly, making waste collection easier and more convenient. The excellent safety point of this industrial cleaning method is that it only affects the surface of the equipment to be cleaned and does not harm or alter the interior components…

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3. Industrial cleaning with dry ice through the gas expansion effect

Effective industrial cleaning of CO2 dry ice with the gas expansion effect combined with the two above effects. The surface to be cleaned will collide with the exploding dry ice during the explosion. At that point, the volume of gas would be 800 times that of the dry ice, resulting in the appearance of a miniature “explosion”. will remove the dirt layer from the material. Although there will be an explosion caused by temperature and kinetic energy, this solution will pose no threat to property or worker safety.

What are the benefits of CO2 industrial cleaning? Recommend the best quality CO2 cleaning solution provider today

After learning how the CO2 dry ice industrial cleaning method works, users may wonder what advantages it brings and how production areas can be applied?

The benefits of dry ice CO2 industrial cleaning solutions

Dry ice industrial cleaning is a necessary process to ensure that equipment and machinery are always in the best working condition:

  • Saving time for production and business: Other industrial cleaning methods often require stopping equipment from disassembling and bringing it to the cleaning process. However, with the CO2 dry ice cleaning, the equipment will be cleaned in place without disassembling and stopping production in some specific cases.
  • No secondary waste: After CO2 dry ice cleaning, the waste is all just dirt removed from the surface. There is no dirty water, dirty sand, or cleaning chemicals like traditional solutions. Waste treatment also becomes more straightforward and more cost-effective.
  • Deep cleaning: The device’s tiny crevices or nooks and crannies will often be difficult to reach during cleaning using previous methods. With the versatility of CO2 dry ice nozzles, industrial cleaning just got a whole lot simpler.
  • No abrasion: Sandblasting, brushing, or chemical cleaning can damage the surface. The CO2 dry ice cleaning method will not completely abrade the surface, maintaining the quality of the material.
  • Cost savings: Machine downtime is reduced, and production productivity is increased. In-situ CO2 cleaning without dismantling the equipment reduces downtime in the transmission line.
  • Environmentally friendly: CO2 is non-toxic, safe, and friendly to the environment.

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The CO2 industrial cleaning can be applied in which industries and fields?

With the benefits that the CO2 dry ice industrial cleaning solution brings, now many fields have been using this cleaning technology, typically the industries listed below:

  • Plastic, rubber
  • Cars
  • Packaging
  • Petroleum
  • Maritime and Shipbuilding
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Mining
  • Production of electric energy
  • Food and Beverages
  • Electronics

Who provides the CO2 industrial cleaning service with the most qualified?

VIVABLAST is honored to be one of the leading units providing industrial cleaning services in Viet Nam. Moreover, VIVABLAST is also an authorized agent of COLD JET US in Vietnam to develop CO2 dry ice cleaning services through various uses such as food industry hygiene, plastic manufacturing technology, and rubber.

VIVABLAST is a provider of CO2 cleaning, sludge treatment and other green services with many years of experience that will surely be a perfect choice for all projects and many different fields. If you need advice or support in performing cleaning services from CO2, you can contact VIVABLAST with the information below:

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