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How to choose an industrial cleaning service for your construction?

Industrial cleaning has never been as simple a job as regular house cleaning. The process of cleaning the entire factory area, heavy machinery with a lot of dirt, oil, debris and chemicals requires expertise, effort, and many risks. Therefore, you need to find yourself a professional industrial cleaning team to do this tricky job. But how can we choose a suitable service? Let’s find out in the following article.

Five methods of choosing an appropriate industrial cleaning service

When considering and evaluating cleaning services, you can do the following five ways to bring about the desired results:

  1. Holding Interviews
  2. Requiring References
  3. Checking on Cleaning Process
  4. Asking About Cleaning Products
  5. Checking the Location

1. Hold an interview and discuss directly with the industrial cleaning company

Before contracting any of these industrial cleaning services, you need to make sure that you are clear about all they will do in your area and the reasons they were chosen. And these can be done through a direct interview. You can start by asking about their experience in the industry and how they do the work. How do they build their teams and what industry standards do they apply?

Next, ask more detailed questions, such as the average time it takes them to get the job done on a similar size and nature project to yours. You need a service that can complete the job on time.

2. Request industrial cleaning service to present relevant professional documents

To better understand the business of an industrial cleaning company, you should ask them to introduce you to some of the current customers they are serving or previous projects they have worked on, especially projects in the same field as yours.

This way, you’ll be able to check their practice and how they do their work, completion results, and reviews from past clients.

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3. Learn about your service provider’s before, during and after industrial cleaning procedures

It’s not enough to look at their experience; you also need to dig into their working process.

When they arrive at your site, how do they begin to prepare for the industrial cleaning job? Where did they stop by to observe, evaluate, and plan before? Did they start construction as planned or spontaneously? High-quality companies will create a specific task checklist that every team member understands. This list will ensure the team works well together and works towards a common goal. Some critical questions to ask them to include:

  • Do they have a proper cleaning routine in place from the start?
  • Do they prepare carefully before construction and does this step take time?
  • Do they have professional measures or procedures for more difficult areas to clean than the assessment or when problems arise?
  • After completing the work, do they conduct inspection, acceptance or not?

4. Ask about industrial cleaning methods, products and equipment they use during construction

The cleaning methods, equipment and products used are also something that building owners need to consider when hiring industrial cleaning services. Some standard equipment and chemicals can be mentioned as:

  • Cleaning equipment: vacuum cleaner, pressure washer, dry blower…
  • Cleaning tools: Glass cleaner, water extractor, bush pusher, water pusher …
  • Sanitary chemicals: Chemical floor loading, stone floor coverings, floor cleaning, laundry chemicals, spot removal…

Environmental protection factors have also received a lot of attention recently. Therefore, you can prioritize services that use “green” products, non-polluting processes and suitable waste disposal.

5. Check the location of the industrial cleaning company: Are they near you?

Better yet, you should choose an industrial cleaning company located near your area. If you encounter any problems after the construction process, you can contact the cleaning company immediately to fix the problem. For cleaning items that require complicated and bulky machines, the close location also makes transportation and movement more convenient, with less additional costs. A service company near you also makes it easier to meet and discuss contracts face-to-face.

High-quality industrial cleaning services provided by VIVABLAST

VIVABLAST is currently one of the leading industrial cleaning service providers in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. With decades of experience, plus our high level of expertise in the industrial field, VIVABLAST is confident to bring many chemical cleaning services to customers (Chemical and petrochemical industry, thermal power plants, centralized solar power plants, biomass plants, diesel engines, paper production, automation, naval…), with specific items including:

  • Off and Online cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Plate exchangers
  • Train exchangers of crude oil
  • Evaporators and condensers
  • Filters
  • Process fluid lines
  • Gas supply lines
  • Air supply lines
  • Distillation columns
  • Cooling towers
  • Air coolers
  • Fin Fan coolers
  • Fire protection water systems
  • Cooling and lubrication oil circuits
  • Diesel oil circuits

Two prominent industrial cleaning methods that we are widely applying are CO2 Cleaning and HP / UHP Water Jetting. Specifically:

  1. CO2 Cleaning

CO2 cleaning, also known as dry ice cleaning, is an industrial cleaning method in which a medium is accelerated in a high-pressure gas stream to act on the surface. This cleaning technology uses soft dry ice, which is accelerated at supersonic speeds and creates microbursts on the surface to deflate surface dirt.

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CO2 sanitization can promote iron production efficiency when applied to production equipment in rubber and plastic molds, foundries, food production, printing machines, automobiles, power generation. It can provide better and more economical results than other conventional cleaning methods.

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  1. HP/UHP Water Jetting

UHP water jetting is an industrial cleaning technique in which extremely high-pressure water removes layers of dirt, contamination and corrosion. This process mainly uses pure, chlorine-free water to provide ultra-clean cleaning effects and minimize rust.

VIVABLAST provides hydraulic water injection services with a powerful performance at high pressure (10,000 PSI) and extremely high pressure (36,500 PSI) to many industries with many outstanding advantages such as: High safety, Cost-saving, high versatility, High efficiency…

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In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality industrial cleaning service performed by a team with integrity in both qualifications and experience, then VIVABLAST will be a reliable choice. We are committed to bringing the optimal solution with competitive cost and fast construction time. For more specific advice, do not hesitate to contact us via:

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