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Insulation contractors – the optimal solution for modern industry

You realized that it’s time to replace or replenish the system in the factory. However, this is more time-consuming and complex professional work than many other projects, which you or the factory workers cannot do on your own. In this circumstance, reliable insulation contractors are an optimal solution for you. But again, insulation materials and systems are not regular services. So maybe you will need to clarify what precisely these insulation contractors are? What services do they provide?

The critical role of insulation contractors in industrial projects

At present, insulation systems are an indispensable solution in many industrial structures such as turbines and boilers. Along with the increasing demand, insulation contractors are also exploding in the market. However, to choose the right contractor for your needs, you first need to understand what the insulation service will bring you.

1. What are insulation contractors? The important role of insulation services

Insulation contractors is a type of contractor that specializes in the provision of insulation consulting and installation services. These contractors will work on residential, industrial, or commercial premises projects. They can work with piping, mechanical, and heating crews to install insulation into the system. Or they will work independently to apply the insulation solution when other projects are completed. This team also performs insulation repairs and upgrades on various projects, large and small.

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Along with the installation, these contractors are also responsible for assessing the situation, reviewing blueprints to select the best materials and implementation methods. However, depending on the customer segment and expertise, a contractor can specialize in one type of insulation such as cellulose, fiberglass, spray foam, or offer a full range of solutions. Each contractor may have its advantages on a particular type of insulation. That’s why it’s essential to find the right insulation contractor that meets your project’s needs.

2. What do insulation contractors do? The complete process provided by VIVABLAST contractor

Professional insulation contractors like VIVABLAST will provide a comprehensive solution from assessing the structure to be insulated and recommending the appropriate solution, then installing and maintaining the insulation systems to ensure they are always up and running,  stable, and efficient. Detailed works include:

  • Removal of old insulation: When upgrading or replacing old materials, the insulator needs to remove the existing insulation comprehensively and without affecting the structure of the building.
  • Evaluation and selection of suitable insulation materials: Each building structure needs insulation solutions with different materials and coating characteristics. Therefore, the contractor’s technical team will directly visit and consider to advise the solution for the project owner.
  • Review blueprints and plans: Every project will be completely different. Therefore, after selecting materials, the contractor will give an implementation plan and total cost as well as the source of materials for the project owner to consider.
  • Installation: Insulation installers use hand tools or specialized machines to apply the insulation materials to the structure. In many difficult-to-access cases, professional contractors will have the experience to provide a feasible construction solution for the project.
  • Post-installation performance evaluation: Upon completion, the insulation contractors and the project owner will evaluate the completed insulation system’s coating, safety, and comprehensiveness.

After this process, the contractor’s insulation specialist will also give advice and notes to use the insulation effectively, ensure safety and prolong the life of the building. Along with that is a plan to maintain, upgrade and replace the insulation layer.

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3. Types of Insulation Contractors – Why you should choose a professional contractor

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Insulation contractors can now specialize or diversify their service offerings. However, there will be two main groups of contractors as follows:

  • Residential or home insulation contractors

Residential insulation contractors work with homeowners and sometimes builders to install insulation in buildings under construction, finished homes, or barns.

In the case of existing insulating buildings, the contractor will work with the homeowner to understand the challenges they face. Those are the problems that insulation can solve, such as the house being too hot or too cold, the energy bills rising, and the pipes frequently freezing in the winter.

As for new homes, contractors will work with homeowners and builders to help learn how to set up piping and systems to ensure energy savings, comfort, safety, and spectacle.

  • Commercial and Industrial Insulation Contractors

Commercial and industrial insulation contractors collaborate with builders, architects, and project managers to come up with an insulation solution that meets system specifications and conditions.  In most cases, this is a project to insulate boiler systems, massive turbines, heat pipes, and other manufacturing facilities.

Many home insulation contractors will do some light commercial work, but most commercial and industrial contractors will not perform any residential work since the processes and solutions are so different.

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How to find the ideal insulation contractor?

When choosing, insulation contractors come in all sizes and types, including a full-service company, subcontractor, or team organization. In which, extensive and professional companies will be the first choice. They have a team to work through all stages, like customer service, sales, and installation. Besides giving you an excellent insulation system, this contractor guarantees a cost-effective plan, attractive usage policy, and warranty.

VIVABLAST has offered comprehensive insulation services for pipes, vessels, tanks, turbines, roof top solar and duct systems as a trusted partner in numerous insulation projects. Our skilled team will give your project a solution that saves running costs and adds to overall energy savings via the use of contemporary materials combined with cutting-edge techniques and approaches.

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