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rope access thumbnail vivablast 1-min
Rope access is one of the most used safety protection methods for overhead structures. In this article, we will learn about rope access protection and the solution that VIVABLAST is providing. Rope access protection method: Everything you need to know This article will go through three main parts: 1. What is Rope Access? – Explain […]
Roof top solar energy is being applied more and more widely thanks to its convenience and, most importantly, its positive impact on the environment. So what is roof top solar energy? What benefits does it bring and how to install it? We will find out in the following article. Solar energy and roof top solar […]
mechanical contractor vivablast thumbnail-min
What are mechanical contractors and their scope of work? How can we evaluate and select an experienced contractor? What mechanical solutions does VIVABLAST provide? All will be presented in the article below. Mechanical contractor: General information should not be ignored The article includes three main ideas: A brief introduction to the mechanical contractor 3 criterias […]
industrial cleaning vivablast thumbnail-min
Industrial cleaning has never been as simple a job as regular house cleaning. The process of cleaning the entire factory area, heavy machinery with a lot of dirt, oil, debris and chemicals requires expertise, effort, and many risks. Therefore, you need to find yourself a professional industrial cleaning team to do this tricky job. But […]
anti-corrosion contractor vivablast 1 thumbnail-min
Anti-corrosion contractors play an increasingly important role in protecting buildings and infrastructure from the adverse effects of metal corrosion. In today’s article, we will learn about the working principles of anti-corrosion contractors and the anti-corrosion services available at VIVABLAST – Vietnam’s leading contractor. Anti-corrosion contractor: Basic principles and working rules to bring out the best […]
Scaffolding BS1139 standard vivablast thumbnail-min
Scaffolding BS1139 standard is a British standard for scaffolding installation, specifying the specific parameters of the size, thickness, material and load capacity… of the materials used for the scaffolding. This standard also covers a system of pipes tightly linked together by clamps, couplers, putlogs, boards, ladders… In the following article, we will learn more helpful […]
Boiler Tube Coating vivablast 2 thumbnail-min
Boiler tube coating attempts to provide reasonable protection of the furnace tube from damaging surface effects. In this article, we will learn about the most effective current coating methods and how VIVABLAST performs boiler tube coating for clients. Boiler tube coating: The ultimate and sustainable protection for your boiler tubes In order to fully convey […]
Boiler Tube Coating vivablast 1 thumbnail-min
Among the current leading boiler tube coating measures, the HVOF initiative is the one that should not be ignored. So what is HVOF coating and why is this method so popular and widely applied? Together we will discover the answer in the article below. What is HVOF boiler tube coating? What are its general features […]
blade repair thumbnail vivablast
Blade repair, a part of GWO training – a necessary course for those who work in the wind turbine industry. Have you ever heard about this course and why it is considered as a crucial factor to help wind turbine engineers perform their works successfully?  The meaning of blade repair and why all wind turbine experts […]
Belzona Vietnam thumbnail
VIVABLAST is known as Belzona Vietnam’s exclusive partner in the distribution of its materials in Vietnam. In this article,  an overview of Belzona, as well as Belzona’s products/services that VIVABLAST is exclusively providing are shown clearly. Belzona Vietnam: Who are they, what are they offering and how is the quality of their service? The article […]
vật liệu bù kim loại vivablast thumbnail
The pipes are critical components of the plant’s boiler system. However, what solution can make the boiler system reliable and long-lasting? The answer is you will find a proven boiler tube coating product to solve it. Boiler tube coating ensures that wherever lagging, corrosion, abrasion, chemical attack, slagging, and thermal wear are problems. On the […]
metallization 3 thumbnail vivablast
Metallization has long been an irreplaceable process in efforts to protect structures from external factors. What is metallization? How does it benefit the project? How many metallizing methods are there? We will learn more in the following article. Metallization process: Definition, key advantages and classification This article will in through 4 main sections including: Definition […]
anti- corrosion construction vivablast thumbnail
Anti-corrosion contractors have been receiving a lot of attention as the result of the increasing demand for anti-corrosion in industries. So, what exactly is this service? What benefits do they bring, and what solutions do they provide? Shall we find out in the following article? Anti-corrosion contractors and their services: The overview information In the […]
HRSG Cleaning
The heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) is an integral part of steel production, cement production, paper production, and metal material production process,… In the regular maintenance plan, HRSG Cleaning is necessary for this system to make the operation process continuous. This article will help you to clearly understand why periodic cleaning of the heat recovery […]
Solar installation is becoming the future trend as other resources are gradually depleted. Along with that, geothermal energy brings us many fantastic benefits such as cost savings and environmental protection. To own this energy source, you will need to work with professionals or contractors for sun installation. Even if you’re not directly involved in the […]
ringlock scaffolding 2-vivablast thumbnail
Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) gradually replaces the dominant position of popular types of structures such as frame scaffolding, Cuplock scaffolding, etc., with extremely high safety levels, tight links, solid keys, and properties science ensuring construction progress for projects. Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA Scaffolding) system is chosen by many contractors in large-scale projects, requiring a high level […]
Cold Galvanizing thumbnail-vivablast
Galvanizing is a method of creating a zinc coating on the surface of iron and steel products to protect the product from rusting under the impact of the environment and weather over time. So what is the difference between the two popular galvanizing methods today, hot-dip galvanizing and cold galvanizing? Join us for a detailed […]
Thumbnail insulation
You realize that it’s time to replace or replenish the system in the factory. However, this is more time-consuming and complex professional work than many other projects, which you or the factory workers cannot do on your own. In this circumstance, reliable insulation contractors are an optimal solution for you. But again, insulation materials and […]
The problem of corrosion under insulation (CUI) is one of the greatest threats to industries worldwide. The use of the outer metal shell protects and isolates the surface of the material from the environment. However, the operation process and ambient temperature change have facilitated the formation of water and corrosion under insulation. The Metal Coating […]
solar installation everything about solar power thumbnail
Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that people may use, and it has a lot of benefits. Many countries have collaborated in recent years to exploit and utilize this renewable energy. The solar system installation and mining process do not have any negative impact on the environment. In this article, we will do some research […]
industrial cleaning 3 - vivablast
Factories, businesses, and industrial facilities are constantly working to improve their products and work efficiency. Cleaning and sanitation are essential in this situation, as they contribute to creating a safe working environment for personnel and increasing the system’s efficiency. However, sometimes businesses pay less attention to industrial cleaning. So, let’s take a look at the […]
loi ich cua bao on tuabin
Turbines are heat engines used for many purposes, from heating to mechanical work in pumps and compressors to power generation or other industries. For safety and efficiency reasons, turbine insulation is a necessity. So what is insulation? What is the material used for insulation? Reasons to apply insulation solution? We will answer these questions in […]
Ringlock Scaffolding Solution vivablast 3
Ringlock Scaffolding (Cobra) is considered the most modern, multi-functional, and capable scaffolding system today. Therefore, this is also a scaffolding system that construction contractors prefer for large-scale projects with high safety requirements. So what are the components of a Ringlock? Why is it so widely used? Join us to learn more about the information related […]
the role of jetty pile protection for construction
The wharf is a critical component of the marine transportation system, serving all maritime travel, trade, and development activities. The wharf structure is exposed to considerable impacts from the corrosive environment, erosion caused by waves, and microorganisms when in operation. The primary priority is investigating and implementing solutions to protect and maintain the wharf structure. […]
GWO training vivablast thumbnail
There are things to learn, procedures to do, and rules to follow in the wind turbine industry. A GWO training course is regarded as a requirement for all professionals working in this industry. VIVABLAST is delighted to be Vietnam’s first GWO training centre, especially the GWO Safety Training courses, that meet international standards. General knowledge […]
Metal Coating vivablast thumbnail-min
Thermal spray coating technology has been widely used throughout Europe and gradually proves its superiority in many projects. In addition to providing corrosion protection and performance enhancement, the metal coating is also used to repair and restore corroded or misc-machined parts. So how exactly is this method done? What makes this coating so outstanding? We […]
Steel is one of the most important building materials, and it is utilized on a wide range of construction scales to meet the needs of working, living, studying, and entertainment. Fireproofing, in addition to delivering robust, highly aesthetic works, also assures people’s safety and the quality of construction. Among the different choices, the solution of […]
how does the passive fire protection system work
Fire protection is necessary for all forms of construction. A proper fire design consideration help to delay energy transmission and offers the audience time before failure. Passive fire protection is one of the best solutions to reduce the spread of fire, which is the leading cause of harm to people and property. What is passive […]
how rope access addresses the issue of inaccessible areas
Rope access is one of the most critical methods in any structure. What are the advantages of this method, and how do you select a qualified team to carry out this scope that we should be aware of? What is rope access? Why is it regarded as a critical component and which technology is used […]
what is surface preparation
Surface preparation is essential before coating any surface; what is this method, and why does it matter then? All information related to cleaning and getting the first layer ready will be explained in this content to help you know deeply about one of the most critical processes of protection solutions.  The main keys of surface […]
Sludge treatment is necessary for modern rural and urban life, from agriculture to industry. But why the sludge treatment is especially paramount for the industry field? This article will help you learn more about industrial sludge, from classification to origin, and the importance of polluted-water and sludge  de-watering. The modern industry is making innovations in […]
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