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Metal repair materials (Metal coating) and their application

Metal repair materials are widely used in surface maintenance of metal structures, thereby restoring and improving their performance. This is considered to be an effective supplementation to metal coating. Our article will explain metal repair materials, welding technology, and solutions VIVABLAST implements.

Metal repair materials: The “golden” solution for corrosion prevention and metal coating

The opening section introduces the definition of metal repair and its materials. Then, the article will share about metal repair welding technology and its application in engineering. Finally, we will introduce 2 technologies provided by VIVABLAST: Belzona and Thermal spray aluminium coating.

What is the definition of metal repair material? What is the working principle of those?

Before explaining metal repair materials, let’s look at the terminology of metal repairing. Metal repair (metal resurfacing/metal coating) is a metal working process in which molten material is sprayed or fused onto the surface of a metal component to increase its resistance to wear or tear and help restore it to its original state. It applies to many techniques, including ARC, PTA, oxy-acetylene, and heat spray welding. It can also be seen as a resurfacing process to fill cracks and reconnect damaged parts of structures. Metal resurfacing is performed when parts of a system are worn out but not necessarily replaced.

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The metal resurfacing technique uses compatible metal filler compounds and can be used mechanically after curing. This is the metal repair material. However, depending on the metal surface to be treated, the type of material applied will differ. In some cases, we use polymer compensating technology, and in other situations, metallographic coating materials will be applied.

What materials are used in metal coating technology? What are their pros and cons?

One of the most widely applied metal repair techniques today is thermal spray. The metal coating materials used are usually steel, copper, or nickel alloy. Spray compensating welding involves using industrial plasma, flame, gunfire, arc spray, and oxy fuel at high speeds. Thermal spray aluminium is a reasonably versatile and highly efficient process. It can be a perfect alternative to other surface treatments such as heat or nitride, chrome, nickel, anodizing, etc.

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The spray technique using metal repairing materials has the following advantages:

  • The coating layer is smooth and covers well;
  • High penetration (can be used for metal 3/16 ″ and above);
  • Limit spatter of welding sparks;
  • Affordability;
  • The inlet temperature is low and does not penetrate the substrate;
  • It can be applied on various surfaces: Plastics and even ceramics;
  • It can be applied over a wide thickness range: From 0.001 to 0.1 inch, even more than 1 inch thick;
  • Fast curing speed: Spray continues from 3 to 60 lb/hr (depends on the process used).

On the other hand, the main limitation of metal coating using metal resurfacing materials is that it must be performed by a well-trained, professional team. During the construction process, strict regulations on safety and protection must be strictly adhered to. In addition, it has an insufficient load-carrying capacity and is prone to cuts at the top of the weld.

How is welding using metal repairing materials used in the industry nowadays?

As mentioned above, the thermal spray aluminium coating with metal surface coating materials is used to create a protective film, prevent corrosion, and repair damage on the surface of metal parts and details. It is widely applied in the following industries:

  • Oil and Gas (Oil Refineries and Offshore Works);
  • Wind power tower;
  • City water tower;
  • Waterway works
  • DOT;
  • Maintenance of marine structures from natural corrosive agents;
  • Electrical energy production industry.

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Metal repair technology is beneficial for structures made from cast iron, stainless steel and manganese steel, copper alloys, cobalt alloys, or nickel alloys.

Thermal spray coating is also a popular method for boiler tube repair thanks to its outstanding advantages. Read more about our article: “The Most Efficient Boiler Tube Coating Solutions For Your System

2 leading metal repairing materials solutions by VIVABLAST: Thermal metal coating and Belzona

Thermal spray

Thermal spray coating can be considered the most popular anti-corrosion and metal coating technology at VIVABLAST, especially in the marine fields and industries in harsh environments and high corrosion. Some of the thermal coating services that VIVABLAST is providing include:

All these processes are guaranteed to acquire the European standard NORSOK M-501. You can learn more about this service.

Refer to this article for more popular methods of thermal spray coating: “Thermal Spray Metal Coating Technology: An Overall Introduction

Belzona materials

VIVABLAST is currently the official authorized distributor of Belzona Vietnam. Belzona is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polymeric materials and a leader in repair and performance improvement technology for equipment and structures. Belzona is not only widely used in metal coating technology but is also in:

  • Coat the surface of the tank is highly corroded by chemicals;
  • Repair and reinforcement of pipelines;
  • Waterproof for building structures.

Both methods are performed by a team of professionally trained, systematic, highly technical, and fully equipped with protective equipment and standard equipment. VIVABLAST ensures to bring the optimal metal compensation solution in terms of efficiency, time, and cost to meet all customers’ expectations best.

Hopefully, the above article has provided readers with more information about metal repairing materials and technology in the industry. For more advice on the metal coating solutions that VIVABLAST is providing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through:

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