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Construction of fireproofing paint and passive fire protection methods

Fireproofing paint is a passive flame retardant material that is widely used. In addition to fire-retardant paint, what methods can be applied to achieve high fire resistance? This article will help you learn about this paint and some of the passive fire protection measures that can be combined.

What is fireproofing paint? What is a passive fire prevention method?

Applying passive fire prevention is to maintain safety and limit damage to human life and property. Passive protection devices generally do not require electrically or electronically activated devices or sensors, and passive fire protection will provide protection when a fire has already occurred.

Fireproofing paint is a passive fireproof material that can swell 50 times to protect and maintain the structural integrity of buildings, factories, and structures for a long time. Fireproof epoxy paint also helps limit fire spread and reduces side effects such as smoke…

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There are 2 types of fireproofing paint used in construction:

  • Oil-based paint: This is a commonly used paint because it can be applied well and works effectively indoors and outdoors.
  • Water-based paint: A type of paint whose primary solvent is water; environmentally friendly but does not work well outdoors.

These paints are typically tested against the following standards:

  • Europe: BS EN 1364
  • Netherlands: NEN 6068
  • Germany: DIN 4102
  • UK: BS 476
  • Canada: ULC-S101
  • USA: ASTM E119

Which are effective passive fire protection methods other than fireproof paint?

1. Fireproofing doors and windows: Necessary passive protection for your building

Fireproofing doors are a passive protection method commonly used in high-rise buildings, factories, and companies. The most common type of fireproof door is the exit door located at the stairs. Combining fireproof epoxy paint with fire doors will increase protection ability and safety.

Along with fireproof exit doors, fireproof steel windows are also a solution to ensure safety made with fireproof paint because the process of rescue and fire extinguishing can be done through the window. The structure of fire retardant windows is specially designed with many layers. The most common type has three sealed layers, reducing heat transfer and good sound transmission.

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It is the complex structure that creates the fireproof wood grain window system with outstanding features:

  • They are soundproof, well insulated, and enhance heat resistance for houses, especially for west-facing buildings. Rubber seals help the door operate smoothly without making noise and influencing the outside environment in the place.
  • According to other requirements, the fireproofing window model is custom-made with glass panels or art motifs. The surface is painted to create a specialized wood grain pattern, anti-oxidation, protection from oxidizing effects, and enhance the aesthetics of structure.
  • Fireproof steel windows are resistant to corrosive effects and damage from hot, sunny, and windy environments. These doors do not absorb water, warping, or termites… with a lifespan of up to 15-20 years.

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2. Applying flame retardant paint and fireproofing sheet to increase the insulation effect

Cemboard is a highly effective and low-cost passive fire protection method for many buildings/ structures. The product is cost-effective, time-saving, and non-toxic. The construction and installation do not make noise or emit much smoke… so, it is very environmentally friendly.

Fireproofing board is a mixture of materials, including cellulose fibers, portland cement, and other inorganic compounds. The most outstanding feature of this product line is its lightweight, good water resistance, and fire resistance. The sheet has high strength and almost perfect sound insulation… It is suitable for use in outdoor works and areas with high humidity.

Thanks to many outstanding features, today, Cemboard panels are loved by many people as fire-retardant epoxy paint. It is used to make:

  • Partitions between rooms in the house creates a separate space in the office, showroom, and shop.
  • Enclosed walls separate rooms in public buildings and prefab houses.
  • Partitions instead of walls in renovated houses, children’s play areas.
  • Partitions in factories reduce accidents caused by fire and explosion and ensure safety for workers.

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3. Combining fireproofing paint with ceramic fiber insulation for effective protection effort

In addition to fireproofing paint, factories can apply insulating cotton with high fire resistance. It is common to use highly-temperature-resistant fabric ceramic fiber to prevent fire damage. This type of cotton has good fire resistance and is also super durable in the environment.

The heat resistance of ceramic wool is up to 1,800 degrees Celsius. Therefore, this material is used for high-temperature equipment such as kilns, ovens, drying ovens, boilers, cold rolling furnaces, and brick kilns.

Partitions in factories reduce accidents caused by fire and explosion and ensure safety for workers.

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Hopefully, the article has helped you understand more about passive fire protection measures and fireproofing paints (sơn chống cháy). For more advice on passive protection methods VIVABLAST is providing, you can contact us through the information below:

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