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Why is fireproofing paint necessary for buildings and factories?

Fireproofing paint is one of the most effective passive fire protection method. This type of paint meets the requirements of fire prevention and fighting techniques along with its sensitive heat-sensing properties. Also, it can protect steel structures from being affected by fire for 60 – 150 minutes. It can be said that this is the most optimal fire protection solution for factory buildings.

1. Why is it necessary to use fireproofing paint for factory buildings?

The factory is one of the projects that require high fire protection measures. Because most factory buildings use iron and steel as the supporting frame, this material has the disadvantage of very low heat resistance. Therefore, using fireproofing paint for the entire project is really necessary.

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When the building is protected by a layer of fireproofing paint, the material’s surface will be maintained for up to 1-2 hours. This is enough time for the fire brigade to approach and carry out fire fighting, contributing to minimizing damage when a fire incident occurs. In addition, fire retardant paint also has the effect of preventing and slowing down the process of fire spreading to neighboring areas. This will limit the destruction of the structure, and at the same time, people in the fire area will have more time to move to a safe place.

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2. The impact of fireproofing paint on factory buildings

It is no coincidence that flame retardant paint is said to be the most effective passive fire protection method. Here we take a look at some of the advantages of this paint and how they protect steel structures in factory buildings.

2.1. Advantages of fireproofing paint for steel structures of buildings

Some of the advantages of fire retardant paint make this paint the first choice for most projects today:

  • Compatible with many materials: The composition of this paint allows them to be applied to most materials such as wood, steel, brick, plaster, concrete, etc. Particularly iron and steel, fireproofing paint is used for most modern constructions.
  • Ensure aesthetic factor: Although the main function is fireproofing, this paint has been much improved in terms of color factor. Currently, the paint is very diverse, so users can choose to paint for the exterior or interior.
  • Protection of building materials: The degree of material protection of paint depends on the thickness of the paint layer, which ranges from 30 minutes to 180 minutes. Meanwhile, the heat resistance of the paint can be up to several thousand degrees Celsius, ensuring the material frame can stand firmly when a fire occurs.

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2.2. The mechanism of action of fire retardant paint affects factory buildings

Although each type of fireproofing paint will have a different heat resistance time, the general mechanism of action is the same:

  • When the temperature reaches 150 degrees Celsius, the fireproofing coating will start to react and produce Phosphoric Acid.
  • When the temperature is above 300 degrees Celsius, a layer of fireproofing gas will be generated, the protective layer swells up like a honeycomb. This air and puff coating has an effective insulation effect.
  • If the temperature field starts at or greater than 500 degrees Celsius, the paint will produce a ceramic-like substance. When the plastic component in the paint melts, this ceramic layer comes into play. The ceramic coating is wear-resistant and heat-resistant up to 1000 degrees Celsius.
  • While the carbonization process occurs, the paint will form an insulating layer, which helps to reduce the temperature on the surface of the material.
  • In addition, the adhesive contained in the paint softens, forming a shell that expands more than 80 times and keeps CO2 from escaping.

With the above operating mechanism, the paint can prevent the spread of fire and block heat transfer to the outside, helping to protect the equipment and machinery of the workshop from being damaged. At each temperature level, the flame rsetardant layer will work differently to minimize damage to people and property. Even the fire proofing process can last up to 3-4 hours, enough time for the fire department to reach the fire.

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2.3. Combine flame retardant paint with other fire protection methods for maximum effectiveness

Besides fireproofing paint, several other passive fire protection is also recommended to be used in combination to achieve the highest fireproofing efficiency:

  • Flame retardant foam: The advantage of fireproofing foam is its lower cost than fireproofing paint and its ability to protect the surface of the material quite well. However, this method has no aesthetic advantage because it creates a rough outer layer. In addition, the construction is not easy because it has to be done at the construction site and cannot be combined with other jobs because of the safety. During construction, workers must wear protective gear and gas masks.
  • Fireproofing plaster coating: This method is quite effective and is being used popularly in Vietnam. This type of plaster will be manufactured specifically for fire protection and used to wrap around steel structures.

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At VIVABLAST, in addition to applying fireproofing paint, we also combine some other passive fire protection measures, apply additional fireproofing panels to increase insulation efficiency, or use ceramic fiber insulation. Each combination will be suitable for different construction properties. For more information on this matter, please contact us through the following information:

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