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The uniqueness of ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) and its advantages

Scaffolding is essential equipment in all construction and maintenance works. Ringlock scaffoldings (COBRA) are used in many fields because they can provide many outstanding benefits. This article will introduce readers to the characteristics and remarkable features of this type of scaffolding.

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The parameters of ringlock scaffolding (COBRA): Comparison, structure, and advantages

Scaffoldings with an 8-hole ring lock disc are applied in many countries worldwide, such as the US and European countries… This type of scaffolding is also popular at construction sites in Vietnam. Below is some essential information about ringlock scaffolding (COBRA), including its structure, characteristics, and differences from conventional scaffolding.

Distinguishing between ringlock scaffolding and ring scaffolding – the two most popular scaffoldings

Ring scaffolding, also known as 4-hole scaffolding, consists of vertical struts and crossbars by a cast wedge system and wedge pocket. Meanwhile, ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) is an 8-hole disc scaffold; solid ringlock rings connect the bars. It is also reinforced for increased stability and safety by cross braces.

Because of its outstanding stability and stability, the ringlock is used as a floor support and cover system. It is sturdy, but the stability is not as high as the ringlock one. Therefore, rings are used in medium-sized projects.

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Also, 8-hole disc scaffolding has a higher price because of the above outstanding features. Therefore, based on your needs, you can choose the appropriate scaffolding. However, ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) should be preferred as it has good vibration resistance and is easier to install.

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Learning about the applications of ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) in different fields

Ringlock scaffolding is used to create a height parallel to the building during construction. The sturdy scaffolding frame creates favorable conditions for workers to move safely, construct and carry construction materials. Ringlock, with good bearing capacity, is often used in construction to make floor support systems and vertical struts.

In addition, this type of scaffolding is installed to form a sturdy frame and is of adequate height to access the wind turbine. Access to ringlock scaffolding for turbine cleaning and turbine insulation becomes more straightforward. In addition, using scaffolding has high flexibility, is easy to install, and has good access to factories and factories. This helps to apply the coating, repair it quickly, and maintain it outside and inside.

You can learn more about the essential components, structure, and outstanding features of ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) through the article “Ringlock Scaffolding Overview – A Safe And Cost-Effective Solution

What are the advantages of using ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) in constructions?

Here are the key benefits that this type of scaffolding offers:

  • Because the connection position between the floor supports is quite strong, the scaffolding strut can bear large loads and loads.
  • The strut is simple, making it easier to set up and transport.
  • The number of beam struts between the floor cells is also minimized so that the construction takes place quickly and does not take up much space.
  • Ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) also has high flexibility, connecting with scaffolding poles at many angles, suitable for many sizes and uses.
  • This type of equipment improves and develops wedge scaffolding, so it overcomes the disadvantages of coupling and robustness.
  • It is made of galvanized or hot/cold-dipped galvanized, which can protect the 8-hole scaffolding from corrosive agents, keeping the appearance of the scaffolding for a long time.
  • Provides eight different connection directions, making adjustment and installation simple and convenient.

Simple, accurate and detailed installation process of ringlock scaffolding

The process of installing the scaffolding system will occur in the sequence of 4 steps below. Each step needs to be performed according to the correct technique to ensure stability and safety.

1. Prepare the ringlock scaffolding installation area (COBRA)

The scaffolding installation surface needs to meet the following requirements: Flatness, no slopes, and slopes not close to power lines. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct leveling to ensure safety by pouring concrete or cement on the surface. However, it is possible to customize the surface treatment accordingly depending on the terrain.

2. Arrangement of jack feet and ringlock scaffolding feet (COBRA)

The positioning of the scaffolding jack foot plays an essential role before proceeding with this operation. You need to install more pads underneath to avoid subsidence, endangering your life. The ringlock scaffolding jack base has a minimum length to accommodate two supports.

After completing the installation of the pads, you proceed to install the jack feet so that the distance between the supports should not exceed 2m (or 1.3m if this is a small scaffolding system).

3. Installation of ringlock scaffolding posts (COBRA)

Install and fix the ringlock posts vertically. Then, install horizontal and vertical braces to create a floor system. Use a ruler to level the guardrails properly to ensure they are held straight, without collapsing or shaking. The number of struts and braces must be in accordance with the regulations, not omitted if not necessary. Next, you use a hammer to firmly fix the joints.

4. Install cross brace and sports floor plate

After fixing the coupling with a hammer, install the cross braces according to the approved design. Next, you install floor slabs to carry out the erection of more ringlock scaffolding floors at higher positions. You can install more scaffolding ladders, console ringlock… if necessary.

VIVABLAST provides ringlock scaffolding system (COBRA) with international standards. VIVABLAST’s scaffolding system will help you reach the site to complete maintenance more safely than before.

In short, ringlock scaffolding (COBRA) possesses many outstanding features, suitable for different usage requirements. For more advice on VIVABLAST ringlock scaffolding system, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through:

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