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Roof top solar vs farm solar system: Which is the best choice?

Everyone understands the benefits of solar energy for our economy and the environment. Therefore, the demand for installing solar power systems is increasing nowadays. The two most common ways to use them are to install roof top solar systems and large solar farms.

Essential information about rooftop solar and farm solar systems

The analysis below about roof top solar and farm solar will help you better understand these two energy systems to get the better choice:

1. Rooftop solar – The most popular system for collecting solar energy

Solar energy is also known as roof top solar. This energy is harnessed and generated by photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs of houses. It can be a house to live in, a business, or a factory. In most cases, the house with this system does not use all of the energy generated by the panels.

2. Farm solar – Large-scale solar energy system

Meanwhile, solar farms have a larger scale and are built and operated by companies or investors in unused areas and grounds. They are mechanized for optimal solar energy harvesting for higher power output. Besides, solar farms are not limited in size according to the size of a roof. Multiple solar panels can be attached to a large farm to get the most energy.

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3. The comparison between roof top solar and farm solar system

Each system will have its characteristics and serve different electricity needs. Here are some of the differences between these two systems:

Roof top solarFarm solar
The aestheticsRooftop solar power systems are more popular, but the aesthetics are not high. Many people do not choose to install the solar system on the roof because they are afraid that their house will lose its beautyThose who choose solar farms will not care about the aesthetic factor because the panel system will be installed in open areas and not on the roof. So it will not affect the appearance of the house.
The land planningRoof top solar will not take up any land, as they use the free space on the roof to install. This solution is the best choice for those who are concerned about land issues. Especially in the situation that land is increasingly expensive and shrinking.The solar farm is installed on bare ground surfaces, so they can take up quite a large area. However, this area can be used for many other purposes, such as agriculture or construction development.
The maintenanceSolar panels do not require much maintenance. However, because they operate in outdoor conditions, the panels still need to be regularly checked for quality to maintain effective operation. Users can request maintenance support at the company that installed their system. The maintenance situation of the two methods is not much different.
The energy independenceMany people choose to install solar systems for the sake of being independent in their use of electricity. In terms of energy independence, you should install a solar roof top system.Meanwhile, the solar farm is often far away, so it may be impossible to transfer energy from the panels to your house. You will experience power loss, in addition to having to pay extra transmission costs.
The costThe cost of roof top solar will almost double the cost of a solar farm per 1 kilowatt. However, installing a roof top solar panel system is usually small-scale and does not require other extra costs.The solar farm is large in scale and optimized for direct electricity transmission to the grid. So this option will be more cost-effective than rooftop solar in the long run. In terms of cost per kilowatt, the solar farm will be cheaper. However, when deploying a solar farm, there will be some other costs such as applying for an investment license. In addition, users need to prepare the ground and many other costs incurred.

Every method has distinct benefits, and a clear understanding of the differences can help you decide which option is best for you. If you care about energy independence or simply don’t want to spend extra land to generate clean energy, then a roof top solar system will suit your needs. However, if you prefer lower costs and more aesthetics, investing in a solar farm is probably the better choice.

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