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Solar system installation: Everything you need to know about solar power

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that people may use, and it has a lot of benefits. Many countries have collaborated in recent years to exploit and utilize this renewable energy. The solar system installation and mining process do not have any negative impact on the environment. In this article, we will do some research on the solar energy industry and solar installation.

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that has numerous advantages. In recent years, many countries have worked together to exploit and use this renewable energy. The solar installation and the mining process have no negative environmental consequences. We will conduct some research on the solar energy industry and solar installation in this article.

solar installation everything about solar power

Overview about solar system installation: Definition, characteristics, and structure

Solar system installation is used for a variety of purposes, including residential, commercial, and industrial. This energy source not only offers numerous financial and long-term advantages, but it is also an environmentally responsible option. So, to get the full image, let’s look at the structure, operation principle, and properties of solar energy in the following content.

What is solar energy? Why is solar system installation becoming more popular?

Solar energy is energy derived from the sun, and solar panels are used to create electricity from sunlight. Solar system installation is harnessed in various ways, the most common of which is using a photovoltaic solar panel system to convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity. Solar energy is also used in thermal applications in manufacturing and everyday living.

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Two main applications of solar energy include:

  • Solar thermal energy is the conversion of solar radiation into heat. Heat energy is mainly used for heating or heat water to generate steam for electric turbines.
  • Solar power is the process of converting solar radiation into electricity used for living and production.

Solar power is a clean, low-cost, renewable energy source that is available almost anywhere. Unlike fossil fuels, they will not run out anytime soon. Based on the photoelectric action of semiconductors within the solar panel, solar energy can be generated anywhere the sun shines. Solar system installation will connect several devices to build a solar power system using solar energy. The sun’s light energy is then converted into electricity, used for human activities and industry. 

Solar system installation components and how do solar panels work?

To begin, we must understand the components of solar system installation. Panels, inverters, racks, and maybe solar battery storage units are the four essential components of a solar system. As follows:

  • Panels: The solar panel is the most crucial component in a solar installation and has the highest price. This panel will contain a collection of photovoltaic cells on the surface that help absorb and convert sunlight into electricity. Each panel has a relatively long lifespan, from 25 to 30 years of use.
  • Inverter: Solar panels absorb sunlight and convert it into direct current (DC). Most appliances that utilize electricity in industry and domestic activities today use alternating current (AC). So, the inverter’s mission will be to convert direct current to useful alternating current.
  • Rack: It has the function of securing the solar panel’s position with its aluminum and stainless steel construction. In addition, the rack angle can be adjusted to receive the most sunlight and adapt to the desired direction.
  • Battery: This is a system used to store solar electricity when it rains or at night when solar cells can’t produce electricity. It is possible to mix numerous batteries depending on the system’s capacity.

So, after completing the solar system installation, how do solar panels work?

Looking at the above structure, we can easily see the direction of the system. Solar electricity has a relatively simple working principle. First, the solar panel system is installed on the roof, wall, or other appropriate places to receive maximum sunshine. Sunlight shining directly on the solar cell will be converted into direct current by the photovoltaic effect.

The inverter device will convert this direct current into an alternating current when the current is excited into standard 220V sine alternating current with the same capacity and frequency as the mains. Then solar charging will fully charge the storage battery system.

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How solar system installation cost and efficiency have changed over time

As can be seen, the cost of solar systems installation has reduced dramatically over the years. According to the database, the cost of installing solar power systems has decreased by more than 60% in the last decade. While the cost has come down at an affordable price, solar panels increasingly have technological advancements that maximize power production. Installation units also constantly strive to provide more professional and quality installation services. This also contributes to solar energy being a popular and affordable energy source. 

Additionally, depending on the installation site, some solar discounts or incentives may contribute to further reductions in solar costs. 

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Solar system installation: Use an infinitely renewable energy source

Energy resources such as oil, gas, and coal take thousands of years to develop, and they are in danger of being depleted soon. Meanwhile, we are well aware that solar energy is an eternally renewable source of energy. Sunlight will constantly shine on the Earth’s surface, which we may harness and convert into power. Solar energy is not depleted when used to create electricity. Furthermore, the utilization and solar system installation have no negative consequences for human life or the environment. As a result, solar energy is both a safe and infinitely renewable energy source.

Solar energy is a clean, inexpensive, and sustainable form of energy that can be used practically anywhere on the planet where there is light. As a result, technological advancements and lower solar installation prices have helped transform this source into a viable alternative that is now widely used in many nations.

Solar installation process at VIVABLAST: cheaper to install, regular maintenance

There are many solar energy suppliers and contractors on the market. So the question is why you should choose VIVABLAST which provides and installs a solar power system? Here are the reasons why VIVABLAST will be the top choice for your solar installation plan:

  • VIVABLAST (Vietnam) has always been at the forefront of efforts to develop sustainable energy and power. Commercial solar is about helping the environment while also making excellent business and financial sense. Our large-scale solar systems provide an exceptional return on investment.
  • Whether a solar installation is built upon the rooftops of industrial buildings, sports clubs, movie theaters, office buildings, or shopping malls, VIVABLAST delivers solar system installation that is sustainable, long-lasting, easy to maintain, and economical. Allow in managing growing energy expenses, gaining a competitive advantage, and reducing your dependency on the power grid.
  • Our specialties include commercial solar, commercial LED solutions, battery storage solutions, solar farms, microgrids, and more.

While traditional energy sources are becoming increasingly depleted and rare, the amount of power required to meet everyday demands is growing. As a result, solar energy – a sustainable energy source – has been widely adopted as an ideal answer. Solar system installation has several long-term benefits for both us and the environment. 

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