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What are the insulation contractors and how to find an ideal one?

As being called, the insulation contractors is a team who offers various insulation solutions. This article will discover more about their job, the scope of work, and how to hire an excellent contractor to help you deal with your issue.

Choosing a good insulation contractor – the first step toward an effective insulating project

There are four main ideas presented in this article as below:

  1. What is an insulation contractor? Which type of contractor are you looking for?
  2. Which problems can be solved by an insulation contractor?
  3. How to choose a suitable contractor?
  4. VIVABLAST – a top-quality and professional insulation contractor

Insulation contractors: Who are they and in which type of contractor are you in demand?

An insulation contractor is a contractor specializing in providing insulation installation services. Many contractors will specialize in a particular method or material of insulation, but there will also be several contractors who offer many different solutions simultaneously.

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There are two main insulation contractors providing services for different customers and projects. Depending on whether you are a homeowner or a building owner, you will contact the right contractor for you:

1. Industrial contractors:

These contractors will coordinate with construction contractors, architects, and project management to ensure the correct implementation of the specifications and standards of the project. They will provide insulation solutions for buildings, factories, industrial plants, and manufacturing facilities.

2. Residential Contractors:

The main customers of these insulation contractors are primarily homeowners and sometimes builders. Their job is to install insulation in new buildings, existing houses, or small-scale barns.

Which issues can an insulation contractor help you to solve?

Insulation is a vital element but is often ignored in the construction process. Insulation helps to ensure safety, production efficiency, and people’s comfort inside the building. Heat loss is also a threat to the revenue of factories and production facilities. And a professional insulation contractor will help you prevent any problems from occurring.

Some specific benefits they can give you include:

1. Energy saving

Good insulation will help businesses or building owners save energy for the cooling or heating system, thereby saving a significant budget.

2. Reduce operating costs

When the infrastructure is well insulated, operating costs will become lower. Labor productivity will also improve because employees work in a comfortable, safe environment.

3. Good control of condensation

Insulation pipes and vessels must not accumulate steam, as it may cause slippage or damage to sensitive electromechanical or mechanical parts. Insulation is essential to prevent this phenomenon.

4. Overall mechanical system protection

Overheating can damage mechanical systems, electrical components, and wall structures. Implementing good insulation reduces wear and increases the life of the pipeline.

5. Human safety protection

Too hot or cold, shaking or noisy, negatively affect human health and spirit, reducing work performance. Insulation contractors will help you provide your staff/workers with a safe, healthy environment.

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6. Fire safety

High heat emitted from machinery equipment or even can lead to a fire. To limit the unfortunate incidents that may happen, you should pay attention to the insulation of the building.

7. Optimizing space

Good insulation will help the capacity and size of the mechanical equipment; create more space needed for service for other uses.

A professional and appropriate insulation contractor: What are the criteria for evaluation and selection?

When considering among many choices of an insulation contractor, you can follow our suggestions and ask them 8 questions as below in the interview:

1. Are you a licensed contractor?

A license is a mandatory requirement to ensure the contractor’s reputation. In addition, some unique insulation materials also require contractors to be licensed to use them in construction.

2. How long have you been in this field?

You should not choose a contractor with less than 5 years of experience, as this shows that they have not yet implemented various projects.

3. What kind of guarantee/warranty do you support for your insulation solution?

Security for insulation projects consists of two phases. The first is a guarantee for the labor and the product to be made, and the second is the warranty for the finished insulation product.

4. What personal protective equipment do you equip your workers with?

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory in all insulation works. Essential equipment can be mentioned, such as safety glasses, helmets, and ventilation equipment… In addition, ladders and other secondary equipment must be carefully prepared to ensure safety during the construction process. At the same time, insulation contractors must also purchase adequate insurance for their workers.

5. What kind of insulation solutions do you provide?

A good contractor will provide a variety of different insulation options/products. Depending on your actual situation, they will offer a suitable construction plan.

6. How long will the assessment take?

For accurate and efficient construction, contractors need to evaluate your building and construction carefully, and you should consider whether their time on the review affects your progress.

7. What type of insulation do you recommend and why?

There are many different insulation materials; Their characteristics, effectiveness, and cost are also different. Therefore, contractors need to explain why they chose a particular material for your project.

8. How much time and cost for the project?

The time to complete the work and costs must be listed explicitly in the estimate. At the same time, both parties need to discuss contingency plans for arising in terms of time or expenses.

VIVABLAST – One of the best industrial insulation contractors in Vietnam

VIVABLAST is one of the most professional insulation contractors, providing the most comprehensive package of insulation services in Vietnam. Our expertise lies in petrochemical, refining, fertilizer, industrial and manufacturing projects. Service packages range from construction to routine maintenance.

Thanks to modern materials, combined with advanced techniques and contemporary approaches, our insulation results offer better performance in terms of quality and aesthetics. Moreover, our solution also helps to reduce operating costs and sustainably save energy.

The 5 main services currently included in our insulation portfolio include:

  1. Conventional insulation: Our services, materials, and equipment for insulation works are compliant with ASTM, EEMUA, and BS international standards.
  2. Spray-on insulation: Vivablast is certified as the exclusive preFix Contractor in Vietnam and the material is certified by DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Germanische Lloyd, and Bureau Veritas.
  3. OEM flexible and economical turbine insulation pillows: VIVABLAST provides CAD-designed flexible insulation pillows made from fiberglass tissues and insulation materials for valves, flanges, piping, and all types of industrial equipment requiring regular access and maintenance, especially in turbine insulation.
  4. PU foam insulation/ cold store: Our solution produces highly effective long-term insulation, which gives excellent protection against heat and cold.
  5. Refractory work: Our refractory expertise spans all phases of refractory construction, including refinery turnarounds, major revamps, refinery maintenance, and new construction projects…


In conclusion, if you own a building under construction/new construction that needs insulation, or your building/factory has insulation problems, please get in touch with VIVABLAST. The solution and cost that we propose will be tailored based on your real situation. We are the trusted insulation contractor and proudly deliver the top-notch insulating service all around the country. Contact us via:

  • Phone: (+ 84-28) 38 965 006/7/8
  • Fax: (+ 84-28) 38 965 004
  • Email: vivablast@vivablast.com

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