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What is an industrial cleaning service and its applications?

Industrial cleaning is a service that is relatively new and plays an important role in the industrial environment. In this post, we will explore what it is? And what is the difference between industrial and commercial cleaning?

What are typical industrial cleaning services? Which companies require industrial cleaning services?

In the first section, we will explore what industrial cleaning is and list some types of services and point out the differences between janitorial and industrial cleaning.

Industrial cleaning service: Brief explanation and classification

Industrial cleaning services are specialized cleaning services for areas within an industrial facility, such as factories and manufacturing facilities, self-storage buildings, warehouses, and power plants. It requires thorough, consistent cleaning with specialized cleaning tools and techniques. Therefore, a professional industrial cleaning service team needs to do this work.

This service is separated into some types:

  • Floor cleaning, stripping, refinishing, and sealing
  • Electric washing and load sole cleaning
  • Get rid of the trash and recycle plastic and cardboard
  • Cleaning toilets, sanitizing, and providing
  • Remove construction debris
  • Heavy equipment cleaning
  • Clean the exhaust system
  • Industrial carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Window and glass cleaning
  • Repair and maintenance of Handyman

Cleaning service is a have-to-do scope for many organizations, such as factories, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, distribution centers, etc……

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What is the leading-edge technology cleaning solutions for industrial works? Let’s find out!

Which are the differences between industrial cleaning and janitorial cleaning?

There are some essential differences between janitorial and industrial cleaning services, such as the complexity of the tasks and the level of skill required to complete them:

  • Janitorial services serve general cleaning and sanitizing purposes to maintain safe, tidy spaces. This typically includes trash removal, carpet, floor care, bathroom maintenance, and kitchen and break area cleaning.
  • Industrial cleaning services include heavier cleaning jobs in more complex, dynamic environments with people and moving parts. This requires specialized cleaning equipment and methods.

It’s all in the expertise of cleaning professionals, who are better prepared to meet the stringent cleaning, sanitation, and safety demands of industrial and commercial operations.

What are industrial cleaning services for plants? How many types of them are there?

An industrial plant cleaning service is performed mainly in manufacturing plants. When it comes to this service, we can tell some specific industries that apply it, such as plastic, nuclear, oil, chemical, fertilizer, and metal manufacturing plants. The industry’s plant cleaning services include silo cleaning, tube cleaning, water pipe cleaning, conveyor cleaning, coating removal, mercury spill cleanup, HVAC cleaning, paint removal, and tank cleaning.

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Reasons why industrial cleaning is important and beneficial?

Industrial cleaning is a challenging job that needs to be carried out by a team of professionals responsible for meeting safety regulations. This means that those cleaning services will help manufacturers, distribution centers, and other facilities comply with regulations during cleaning. They do this by completing the characteristics of each company, such as:

  • Follow specific safe cleaning procedures
  • Using special equipment and materials
  • Learn how to navigate active and high-traffic spaces
  • Prevent cross-infection
  • Guaranteed safety and security

Cleaning companies also design custom plans to maintain facilities in an organized manner to avoid production disruption and minimize risks during cleaning. Plant managers and other supervisory professionals at facilities are responsible for running efficient, productive operations. Therefore minimize production failures and malfunctions, including maintaining a clean, safe and healthy working environment for employees. Actually, these two tasks are intrinsically linked. In fact, 71% of production employees believe that operational efficiency strongly influences their productivity, and 94% of employees themselves think that a clean, risk-free work environment affects their happiness.

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Industrial cleaning teams must use the most effective methods to keep employees safe to work more focused. By thoroughly cleaning hard-to-reach places and maintaining a facility’s floors well-maintained, the number of injuries in a facility is dramatically reduced.

Those companies should put hygiene standards first and strictly follow them. Every outbreak of an infectious disease or worker injury due to unsanitary machinery or working environment will significantly affect the business’s revenue. Therefore, it is essential to find a professional company. VIVABLAST is committed to protecting the health of the business and its employees while ensuring business continuity. That’s why effective industrial cleaning solutions are so important. VIVABLAST will accompany and effectively support your business.

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