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What is GWO First Aid?

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GWO certificates are a must-have to prepare for your career in the wind industry. Among the courses that GWO offers, one of the most essential elements is GWO First Aid. Together with VIVABLAST, let’s get to know more about it in the article below!


What is GWO First Aid?


If you are a fresher in the wind turbine industry and wondering what exactly GWO First Aid (GWO FA) is, VIVABLAST is here to provide you with some information! Let’s break this term down piece by piece so we can understand the whole concept easier, shall we?


But first, what does GWO stand for? GWO is an acronym for “The Global Wind Organisation”, it represents training standards because, to work in the wind turbine industry, you must equip yourself with proper career knowledge and a GWO Certificate as it is mandatory for people working on and offshore. All for a safer and more productive workforce. GWO training courses here in VIVABLAST are divided into two main elements, which are commonly known as:



A GWO First Aid is part of the BST training, involved mainly in taking care of any health issues and any incidents that might occur while the employees are working to ensure safety and a better working environment.


GWO First Aid Course Objective


As the name itself has suggested, the GWO First Aid course focuses mainly on providing the participants:


  1. The understanding of how important it is to carry first aid safely and the responsibility of the first aider.
  2. The correct use of a life-saving first aid kit, following the ABC survey (Airway, Breathing, and Circulation) or as we call it the primary survey when you approach the person who needs aid.
  3. How to identify vital signs, and symptoms of serious injuries; proceed to check upon normal function, minor injuries, and illnesses related to the human body.
  4. The knowledge to request telemedical consultation or rescue assistance and the ability to provide a concise and relevant report of the casualty’s condition.
  5. The understanding of how to take the correct order of management when an emergency occurs in a wind turbine generator environment.
  6. How to carry out first aid duties upon stumbling on any incidents or crisis and mitigate the results derived safely to prevent further injury until the casualty can be handed over to the next level of care.
  7. The proper knowledge and awareness of AHA guidelines (AHA stands for American Heart Association).
  8. The guide to demonstrate first aid following legislative requirements according to their location and also to the ERC guidelines (ERC stands for European Resuscitation Council).
  9. The proper knowledge to prepare the casualty for evacuation or transfer them to the rescue point.


Upon completing the GWO First Aid Course, what will you achieve?


By the time you finish the whole BST First Aid Module, you will be able to work or act independently in identifying the crisis within the Environmental impact of wind power (WTG environment), checking up on the casualty’s condition, and carrying out life-saving first aid using advanced emergency equipment (with the help of telemedical consultation or rescue assistance, if needed) until the patient can be handed over to the next level of care. All knowledge is provided to meet the GWO standards through theoretical and practical courses.


In addition, you will also be awarded a GWO BST First Aid Certificate after completing the course. This certificate will be valid for the next 24 months so, before the expiration date, all delegates must undertake the course once again to remain certified.




While working in the wind industry either onshore or offshore, it is essential that you equip yourself with proper first aid knowledge not only to save yourself but also those around you because once a crisis or incident happens, you know for sure you are well-prepared for any situations coming your way.


If you are looking for any GWO training center in Ho Chi Minh, VIVABLAST is where you should be heading to! The training center was opened in 2020 by Global Wind Academy from Denmark. Here, we have an approved facility for training, certified protective gear and reliable tools to prepare you for the best training experience ever so come join us!

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