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Boiler and turbine cleaning

Coal Fired Boiler Cleaning: 

After long-term operation, coal-fired boiler is subject to decreasing productivity due to coal slag and refractory.

With skilled Technicians who are certified by IRATA (Rope Access level I, II, III), we perform the scope of coal slag and refractory removal using Rope Access as the main access method.

Rope Access 16

Chemical cleaning:

Our wide experience and knowledge of the industrial sector allow them to offer a wide range of chemical cleaning services to their clients (Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Thermal Power Stations, Concentrating solar power plants, biomass plants, Diesel Engine, Paper production, Automation, Naval, etc.)

Our team has recently performed the application of chemicals for turbine cleaning and QA/QC supervisors supply to check and record results.

Rope Access 17

Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cleaning

Besides, VIVABLAST is capable of doing Aluminum Oxide Abrasive Cleaning, which uses particles to blast and clean the surface. We apply this cleaning method well for gas and steam turbines.

Rope Access 18


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