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Equipment Mechanical Maintenance

Boiler Fin Tube Repair

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In Power plant, a boiler is an essential factor in the operation of power production. After long-term use, its fin tubes are subject to mechanical corrosion and damages.

VIVABLAST is happy to offer an effective repair solution for these ones including the scopes of:

  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Processing hydraulic test for leakage/ abnormal deformation detection

Diffuser Repair

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A diffuser system is an integral element of a power plant’s operation that helps to reduce harmful environmental impacts. VIVABLAST has been a seasoned contractor in diffuser repair with mechanical solutions including the scopes of:

  • A support Change
  • New bolt & nut installation
  • Insulation repair works
  • Internal & External Repainting

Filter House Repair And Flue-Gas Stack Refurbishment

The filter house is equipment that is used to guarantee the purity of the combustion air for GT’s efficient operation. At the power plant, the yearly maintenance process for the filter house is an essential activity for constant productivity commitment.

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VIVABLAST is well versed in repairing several types of filter house including the scopes of Louver and roof fabrication, steel structure replacement, scaffolding erection & paint application.

Flue-gas stack is also important equipment which is used to exhaust combustion product gases to the outside. The damages of its decrease the power generation productivity.

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To repair and do yearly maintenance this equipment, VIVABLAST offers good refurbishment maintenance which includes the scopes of:

  • Scaffolding
  • Steel structure replacement
  • Anti-Corrosion painting application with the support of Rope Access method.

Expansion Joint Replacement

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Expansion Joint is a part made for pipeline protection in the thermal expansion process. Our team is experienced in expansion joint replacement including new expansion joint supply and re-installation.

Technical Advice & Upgrade

As a seasoned contractor in the industry, VIVABLAST is capable of Technical provision and Project performance for Boiler Cyclones modification, Hanger inspection, and replacement for the cold and hot positions.

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