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HP/ UHP Water Jetting

We provide high-productive, cost-effective, strong performance in high pressure (10,000 PSI) and ultra-high pressure (36,500 PSI) water jetting (hydro blasting) services to a wide range of industries with outstanding advantages:

  • Safe – Environment is friendly with dustless, emission-free and approved for use in spark-free requirement areas.
  • Economical – Reduces maintenance, labor, hazardous waste stream & disposal costs; readily available medium (water)
  • Versatile – Offers unlimited applications for a variety of industries and surfaces
  • Powerful – Ideal for countless materials including steel & concrete
  • Efficient – Unmatched productivity without distorting the surface and enhanced performance of new coatings

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  • Our equipment is operational in places where spark-free is essential such as oil, gas, and petrochemical plants, refineries, CCCP power industry, chemical plants, on gas tanks, fuel/diesel tanks, and other places where traditional sandblasting units cannot work due to the risk of explosion.
  • Our systems allow from 300 bar to 2,500 bar of pressure (4,300 to 36,250 PSI), for cleaning, paint removing, and surface preparation.
  • Using an array of professional rotating nozzles with all types of jet configurations, we can find the quickest solution for your work on rigs and petrochemical plants.
  • Our Operators have been trained and certified by Hughes Pumps Experts responsible on HP/ UHP operations, maintenance.
  • We are well-staffed to carry out any HP/ UHP operation in any condition.
  • Our equipment is strictly certified by official inspection bodies who regularly issue certificates on the equipment we use.


  • Structural steel in corrosive environments
  • Marine, ship hulls, voids, ballast tanks, loading ramps, pilings
  • Tanks, vessels, mechanical systems
  • Concrete cutting & surface preparation
  • Spark free environments, gas plants
  • Pipe yards to remove rust, varnish, drill mud
  • Dam gates, penstocks, asbestos, lead coatings
  • Refractors, heat exchangers, coke, bauxite

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