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Industrial Cleaning (Chemical Cleaning)

Maintain a safe & clean facility with industrial cleaning service by VIVABLAST

Industrial cleaning has been identified as a difficult job. Even keeping offices in an industrial facility clean requires a lot of work because dust gets on from the factory floors. In the process of cleaning the area around heavy machinery, lubricants, paints, fiberglass, and metal chips also require a lot of work and take certain risks.

Concepts need to know about industrial hygiene – When and How?

Different from other commercial industrial cleaning companies, VIVABLAST has many years of experience in helping businesses in cleaning and restoring the status quo. Businesses can get back to work in the fastest time, with minimal impact on day-to-day business operations. As such, we pride ourselves on being an industrial cleaning company you can trust, making sure you plan your business from the start of the cleaning and restoration process until the end.

When to do industrial cleaning?

  • When you need to clean a building that has just been built
  • Periodically clean the business to prepare for the important events of the project: inauguration, opening, quarterly review, year-end review, customer reception, fairs, exhibitions, …
  • Maintenance and maintenance of interior and exterior buildings, offices: tile floors, stone floors, walls, glass doors, windows, carpets, chairs, mattresses, …

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What does Industrial Hygiene include?

  • General cleaning of the whole building, inner glass, or the whole house exterior glass cleaning service (if applicable) accompanying the cleaning of the items, furniture inside the building (if any) such as laundry chairs, mattress washing, carpet cleaning, …
  • Scouring the tile floor, rubbing stone floors, maintenance, polishing marble stone (marble), polished granite (granite), and polishing ship bricks, …
  • Providing specialized cleaning staff to maintain the hygienic quality on-site: buildings, schools, hospitals, downtown, building, supermarket, restaurant, and hotels, …

Industrial cleaning services introduction of VIVABLAST

VIVABLAST is one of the leading industrial cleaning service providers in the market. Our wide experience and knowledge of the industrial sector allow us to offer a wide range of chemical cleaning services to clients (Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, Thermal Power Stations, Concentrating solar power plants, biomass plants, Diesel Engine, Paper production, Automation, Naval, etc.) in:

  • Off and Online cleaning of heat exchangers
  • Plate exchangers
  • Train exchangers of crude oil
  • Evaporators and condensers
  • Filters
  • Process fluid lines
  • Gas supply lines
  • Air supply lines
  • Distillation columns
  • Cooling towers
  • Air coolers
  • Fin Fan coolers
  • Fire protection water systems
  • Cooling and lubrication oil circuits
  • Diesel oil circuits

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In fact, during the Covid-19 epidemic globally, not only households but also businesses have to pay attention to hygiene. VIVABLAST is committed to using our expertise in the field of industrial cleaning to help: protect the health of customers (businesses) and their employees while ensuring the business continuity of the enterprise. Continuous operation is an extremely important factor for businesses. That is why industrial hygiene and the help of professional commercial cleaning services are so important. VIVABLAST will accompany and support effectively for your business.

What chemical machinery and equipment are used in industrial cleaning?

Industrial cleaning includes the following equipment and chemicals:

  • Cleaning equipment: vacuum cleaner, floor scrubber, pressure washer, dry blower…
  • Cleaning tools: glass swing tool, glass cleaner, one-compartment water extractor, 2-compartment water extractor, room truck, bush pusher, water pusher …
  • Sanitary chemicals: IMEC cleaning chemicals (Italy), Dymachem cleaning chemicals (UK): TKT MAIDS chemicals provide a variety of chemicals for daily cleaning, chemicals for cleaning period, chemicals for specific cleaning tasks apply to families, offices, companies, restaurants, hotels, commercial areas, factories, factories, factories…
  • Chemical floor loading, stone floor coverings, wood floor coverings, stone maintenance, floor cleaning.
  • Degreasing in industrial zones, washing cars.
  • Sanitize toilets, public areas, kitchen parts, deodorize, disinfect and deodorize.
  • Laundry chemicals, spot removal, carpet cleaning, deodorizing.
  • Chemical polishing wood, metal, leather.

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