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Industrial Flooring System


  • We are specialists in all types of floor coatings application and maintenance.
  • We deliver high-performance floor coatings and screed, including remedial works on worn cracked floors or laying new systems.
  • We provide long-lasting and cost-effective flooring solutions for all types of environments.
  • We master surface preparation techniques with the most technically advanced equipment: dust-free shot blasting, grinding, UHP.
  • We can apply any kind of industrial flooring system, such as :
  1. Heavy Industrial traffic floorings
  2. Resin coatings
  3. Resin screed
  4. Self Leveling coatings
  5. High build-Industrial and commercial systems
  6. Antistatic coatings
  7. Color, slurry coatings
  8. Chemical resistant floors



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