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In-Situ Machining-Controlled Bolting

Precision in Mechanical Solutions

Discover VIVABLAST Services’ specialized bolting and flange management solutions, catering to both onshore and offshore needs. Our accomplished teams boast a proven track record, enhancing asset integrity while reducing containment risks.

In-Situ Machining-Controlled Bolting

A crucial part involves handling the ‘pressure envelope’, which means carefully disassembling, inspecting, and accurately reassembling equipment. Over time, we have pioneered innovative tools, methods, and processes in joint integrity, controlled bolting, and overall flange management. Our comprehensive capabilities cover areas like jointing standards, critical joint identification, hot bolting, controlled dismantling, flange repairs, and more. With our expertise, you can ensure safe and efficient manufacturing asset operation at the highest standards.

Here are our service applications:

  • Cold Pipe Cutting and Bevelling
  • Controlled Bolting/ Bolt Tensioning
  • Flange Facing
  • Cathode Protection
  • Wear-pad application
  • Technical Advice and Upgrade

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced and dedicated teams ensure that machinery is installed with precision and efficiency
  • With years of experience working with large-scale factories, so offer cost-effective services, excellent guarantees, and maintenance
  • Adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that all in-situ machining and controlled bolting operations

Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

VIVABLAST is committed to achieving the highest standards of Quality, Health, Safety, and Environmental (QHSE) performance in all aspects of our business. We recognize that our success depends on our ability to consistently deliver safe, high-quality services that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations while minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment.

In-Situ Machining-Controlled Bolting REFERENCES

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Contact us today to explore how our integrated In-Situ Machining-Controlled Bolting services can transform your work environment, enhance efficiency, and ensure safety standards. Let’s work together to reach your project goals!

Additional Details Regarding In-Situ Machining-Controlled Bolting

Cold Pipe Cutting & Beveling

VIVABLAST supplies machines to part off heavy wall wipe, perform any kind of bevels for various weld preparations due to its precision and higher safety.

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Controlled Bolting / Bolt Tensioning

VIVABLAST provides technicians and equipment to ensure properly leak-free bolting connections on any bolted joints safely and competently.

Flange Facing

Our mechanical team provides flange facing solutions from 2” diameter up to 126” diameter on any material to meet the surface finish as required.



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