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OEM Flexible and Economical turbine insulation Pillows

The easily removable and installable pillow insulation is designed for conditions where insulation is difficult to implement. Pillows insulation applications are capable of meeting the specifications of a comprehensive insulation solution. These products are manufactured in different types and sizes based on the demands, providing a layer of insulation for many systems in buildings, factories, sea vehicles, industrial facilities, and power plants. This is also a highly appreciated turbine insulation solution and is chosen by many customers for its systems.


Overview of Turbine insulation pillow and VIVABLAST OEM insulation solution

Let’s find out more about insulation pillows and practical applications in the content below.

What is the pillow’s turbine insulation?

The pillow insulation is designed in the form of a removable insulation blanket wrapped in turbine systems, engine exhaust pipes, accessories to prevent heat loss and ensure safety for workers when working. Most commonly, insulation pillows can be found in turbine insulation applications.

The shape, construction, density, material composition, and layers of the insulation pillow are designed according to the customer and technical requirements, ensuring the insulation meets the specifications (such as temperature tolerance, inflaming retarding) and help to prolong the life of the system.


The structure of the insulation pillow usually has three main layers:

  • Outer layer: silicone coated fiberglass cloth or stainless steel braided fabric, resistant to water, oil, acid, or alkali
  • Middle layer: Glass wool, rock wool, fiber ceramic felt or fiberglass needle mat depending on the inner surface temperature
  • Inner layer: The same material as the outer layer or other fabrics or stainless steel wire rods depending on system temperature and customer requirements.

Before installing the pillow insulation, it is necessary to analyze the situation at the place of use, including system temperature, ambient temperature, type of fluid, flow rate and other information about the environment, the t fabrics type and insulation materials to be used and the insulation thickness,…

Features of pillows turbine insulation  

Here is some features of pillow insulation – flexible and cost-effective turbine insulation solution:

  • The insulating pillow  is available in thicknesses from 5-150mm, adjusted to specific requirements
  • The pillow’s heat resistance can be up to 1000 degrees Celsius
  • The average lifespan of the insulation pillow is more than five years
  • Energy-saving rate from 25% to 40%
  • High-density Ceramic Fiber/ Glasswool/ Rockwool Insulation


Advantages of pillows turbine insulation 

So why is the insulation pillow popularly used in turbine insulation and in many industrial fields? Insulated pillow systems work without impact on health for both the system and people, significantly reducing the costs incurred. The specific benefits that insulation pillows bring can be mentioned as:

  • High sound insulation and heat insulation ability
  • Fire-resistance
  • Easy to install or remove with the low installation cost. 
  • Long-term guarantee
  • Custom design following customer’s respective requirements and dimensions
  • Lower the surface temperature by 15-40 degrees Celsius (depending on the surrounding temperature),  ensure the safety of workers
  • Waterproof and oil resistance, anti-corrosion, easy to clean
  • Increases the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment by using fabric and flexible structure to prevent vibration from reaching the equipment.
  • Less distance is required between flanges; compensator size is shorter
  • Prevents dust accumulation by special design

Based on its outstanding features and benefits, insulating pillows are being widely applied in many fields such as:

  • Piping, ducts, valves, flanges of the engine exhaust system
  • Building heating and cooling
  • Generators, chillers, pumps
  • Energy-intensive equipment: Boilers, tanks, furnaces
  • Pipelines carrying the fluid
  • Valves and armatures direct the fluid
  • Exhaust systems
  • Heat exchanger bodies
  • Turbine insulation


Capabilities of OEM turbine flexible pillows insulation

  • Our OEM systems are all approved insulation systems by Manufacturer
  • Higher insulation quality to reduce the heat flow
  • Possibility to dismantle any individual insulation jacket (One-layer system)
  • Fast and easy access to measurement points and electrical equipment
  • Reduction of the outage time
  • Often reusable without any additional costs
  • World wide spare parts availability within three to seven working days
  • 24h/24h supervisor service worldwide
  • Possibility to exchange the full insulation in a short outage
  • Complete detailed documentation, drawings, and records

VIVABLAST provides CAD-designed flexible insulation pillows made from fiberglass tissues and insulation materials for valves, flanges, piping, and all types of industrial equipment requiring regular access and maintenance, especially in turbine insulation.

On client’s demands, our expert technicians select the most suitable materials to manufacture the insulation pillows with state-of-the-art computer-controlled production facilities and make sure the insulation system fits even when it meets complex profiles.

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