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Passive Fire Protection

What is the passive fire protection (PFP) system?

PFP (PFP – Passive Fire Protection) is an important passive fireproof coating system built into the structures. The PFP system is used to low or prevent the spread of fire to power cables and other equipment. A fireproof panel with mineral wool material is the outstanding material used for fire-safety constructions.

Passive fire protection system (PFP), fireproof paint spraying of VIVABLAST

The uses of passive fire protection systems:
1. Limit the spread of fire and smoke by blocking all the compartments;
2. Determine emergency exits for vehicles;
3. Determine the steadiness of the protected building.

VIVABLAST offers passive fire protection systems that optimize initial consultation and project management and application management for industrial sectors (Petroleum, petrochemical, and power plants). Projects can be undertaken right at the customer’s factory or at VIVABLAST’s, from the import of the material to installation.

Passive Fire Protection PFP

4 types of VIVABLAST passive fire protection system: Fireproof sheet, Ablative spray, flame retardant paint, puff coating

  • Boarding / sealing systems: For penetration seals, cables, and other utilities: mineral wool panels, ablative dry mortars mixes, seal bags systems. 
  • Ablative spray: Specially developed for the fire protection of grouped or bundled electrical cables and for penetration seals.
  • Fireproofing epoxy paint and Cementitious sprays or trowelled: Designed for the direct protection of structural steelwork. VIVABLAST is an expert in consulting, supplying, and installing products to meet your needs from low and medium density through to high performance fireproofing for critical areas, such as Cafco, Pyrocrete, Mandoline.
  • Intumescent coatings: We master all types of both water-borne or/and solvent-based intumescent coatings application to protect commercial and public buildings, oil and gas infrastructures, and plants, onshore and offshore. We are specialist applicators of intumescent coatings such as Chartek, Interchar, Firetex, Nullifire, and Pitt Char.

Passive Fire Protection PFP

Benefits of passive fireproofing materials: fireproof paint, mineral wool fireproof wood panel, ceramic plaster,…

Selecting passive fireproofing materials for buildings that require safety for life is a top priority. The purpose of using these materials is to maintain the structural integrity of the building during the fire and prevent its spread and consequences.

Asset protection and continuity of operations are the second requirements. Some specific industries such as nuclear facilities and maritime set higher standards since they have to ensure the evacuation and prevent the scatter of nuclear radiation into the environment.

Application of passive fire protection system PFP

Passive fire protection system PFP can be useful for:

  • Buildings and factories
  • Industrial factories (onshore and offshore)
  • Infrastructure for hospitals, schools, and gymnasiums

Passive Fire Protection PFP

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