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Spray On Insulation


  • SpreFix G is a lightweight non-combustible material (density 45-50 kg/m3), composed of fine and airy granulate wool mixed with a two-component binder, with temperature resistance up to up to 600°C which provides thermal, acoustic, and moisture insulation.
  • Besides, with fire protection spray-on application, SpreFix S offers temperature resistance up to 1125°C.
  • SpreFix G and SpreFix S are mixed in the air during application and congeal into a seamless gel-like structure when hits the surface to be insulated and/or fire protected. The surface can finally be sealed with SpreFix Seal for high-pressure cleaning purposes.

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  1. Vivablast is certified as the exclusive SpreFix Contractor in Vietnam and the material is certified by DNV, Lloyd’s Register, Germanische Lloyd, and Bureau Veritas.
  2.  The Sprefix Technology is more cost-effective than conventional techniques and materials:
  • Only 3 % of material wastage (environment-friendly)
  • Faster execution time (no fasteners or cutting required)
  • Superior energy efficiency (seamless insulation)
  • No risk of corrosion of the underlying insulated surface
  • Proven long-term performance and easy repairs and changes

3. The sprayed-on insulation is stable even in bad weather conditions and is not affected by vibrations generated by ship engines or propellers.


  • Commercial and marine vessels
  • Offshore platforms
  • Railroads & trams
  • Building construction
  • Commercial & industrial sites


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